Will having slow internet with a good gpu be bad

Hello community,

I want to buy a graphics card to play alot of the graphic intense games but i know that i have slow internet. i mean that browsing the web and watching videos is simple but it has slow downloading speeds. Here are the results from speedtest.net


Having this internet hasn't really been a problem with gaming. only thing is downloading games will take a while and for example when loading in a match in counter strike go  but it isnt significant but it's obviously not the best speed and im ok with it. I'd just like to know if getting a good graphics card like maybe a 750 ti  or something will hinder my computer's performance with having slow internet

Will not make a difference period

no it shouldnt hinder i had gamed with 2/0.4 mbit and iw ould rather get a r9 270/gtx 660 it should even have better price to performance(not 100% sure)

Those aren't bad speeds; they're ok, and graphics performance isn't affected by internet speed. I only have a 6Mb connection myself, and while Steam sometimes 

the down/up is not so important in gaming.

the ping is important. 10 is very low so you should have no problems, i got 28 and its still very good. before i had ~70 and it was also good enough.

Most games have very low bandwidth usage, even some of the high end ones with many players, will often still only use 5-15KB/s


Ping is most important, and high throughput only comes in handy if you like to stream movies while gaming (the closer you get to your throughput limit, the higher your pings will be) with the increase generally starting at around 60-70% load on the upload or download).