Will Google Glass give the tablet market another chance?

Ok recently i have been looking into Google glass and something struck me. "If" google glass makes its mark on the market would it give the tablet market another chance?

1. Once google glass comes out (If it ever does) would we have a need for big phones? The majority of google glass users will be on the go or using it as an other option for getting out their phones, right? if this is the case we wont be needing our phone as often as we do now and we will need our phones to be more portable so we don't have to carry around extra weight, so the screen size would reduce over time. In my opinion i prefere using a bigger screen for youtube and movies ect... so i would begin to look for other options such as a tablet (because of thier lager screens)

2.Due to the google glass having a camera built into thier main frame we wouldn't have to take pictures with our phones. This is one less reason for us to carry around big phones or even our phones all together. I could not edit on the small screen on the google glass so i would prefere something larger. Computers are starting to get smaller too (and more powerful/portable) This would be another reason to edit photos, videos and watch media on our tablets(eventhough i like watching movies on "the big screen".

3.We are able to answer calls and text on the google glass. This would mean hands-free would no longer be a problem because we can speak to the glass and tell it what to do that way. Maybe in the future we will see things such as google glass with built in headphones with decent quality so we would no longer need phones to do that with them. After a day of wearing these glasses i would be glad to take them off and charge them over night so the tablet is their for music as well.

The phone market will begin to decrease in sales and shares so companies would look for other options like tablets and google glass. Hopefully you learnt something from this and enjoyed reading it!

Google Glass is not independent.  It still requires a phone.  Its a companion device for your phone.  Nothing technology can't eventually implement, though.

1. The experience of Google Glass is different from a phone.  Youtube videos on it aren't pleasant to watch due to the fact that  the display is in the corner.  I think that we'll still have large phones.  I personally don't see the appeal for tablets because they're bigger(obv) and harder to carry around.  A 4-5in screen smartphone is enough for me to watch videos just fine.

2. The screen on the google glass is meant to be on the side, allowing you to read what comes up quickly.  However looking at it like you do when typing on a smartphone isn't the same as the little screen.  The camera on the Glass will change how we use smartphone cameras, as once we het higher than crappy VGA or similar res, picture taking is easy and simple.  However, this may always be the downfall of Glass due to "spying".

3.  I look at tablets as a large smartphone, and an iPad as a large iPod Touch.  Some may like the nicer, larger screen estate, but it lacks portability.  An iPhone 5s is still a lot more portable than a tablet such as a  Nexus 7, but still offers pretty much all you would do on a tablet.  I read ebooks on my iPod touch, and I like how portable it is.

I do think that in the end, a medium-large size smartphone and Glass would be the combination.  I just don't see Glass as a tablet companion.  Glass may even shrink the tablet market.  Tablets would limit your portability.

Just my thoughts and arguments.

I have used Google Glass, in case you were wondering.

i see your point but my main message was not to take your tablet with you. i see other companies in the future adopting the google glass idea and basically putting a phone in them. I see the google glass (in the future) to be a phone replacement. I was thinking if my predictions are correct about these sort of glasses you will still need something like a tablet to do stuff that you phone could. For example youtube. I do see your point though

Whats the glass like by the way


If technology progresses so that Glass becomes something like a cellular headset, it does have the potential to reduce the smartphone market, but not by much.  I still think people would prefer portability in a smartphone over a tablet, but if you require the screen real estate, tablets could become the "smart" in smartphone replacement.

Glass.  It's unique, and doesn't take long to get used to.  I believe I used the first version of explorer.

With a proper data connection, it's extremely useful.  I went to Japan, and navigation from hotel to restaurant and back were easily achievable.  Pictures and videos are of low quality, but very easy to capture.  It's what google pretty much described it as.  It fits relatively seamlessly into your life.  For daily usage, notifications are useful,  I used it mostly when I was traveling, so I don't have much to say about daily usage.  I would imagine Glass extremely useful to those without perfect vision though.  For those with 20-20 vision, I would go with a smartwatch, as wearing a barebones Glass looks and feels a little bit odd.

They look a bit odd to. I would rather have a smartwatch than the glass, they seem just as handy