Will drivers remain when migrating OS to SSD?

I just bought an SSD and want to migrate my os to it. I downloaded aomei free edition and think i understand how to use it (its pretty straight forward). My concern is that when i migrate my OS (Windows 7) to the SSD, will my motherboard, chipset, and GPU drivers remain, or will i have to reinstall those necessary drivers. Also, one thing that popped into my head, will i have to format the SSD before i migrate my OS? Come to think of it, i should have just bought the SSD from the beginning lol. Thanks for any input, hope i explained myself sufficiently.

Hi, first off I am no pro on this particular subject but I would like to see if I can help at all here. When you say migrate your OS is that the same as cloning your OS? My second question is do you have an actual copy of Windows or did it come with the HDD in your system? When you are using an SSD your SATA control mode needs to be set to AHCI not IDE in your BIOS. I am not sure if you can transfer an OS that was originally in IDE mode over to an SSD now set to AHCI. Honestly, it is always best to reload your OS from the disc to you new SSD, go to the website of your motherboard manufacturer and get the latest and greatest drivers and reload them.

If its a straight clone to SSD from HDD both running using AHCI. Yes Drivers will remain and there should be no issues.

If the HDD was running in IDE mode, then you would be best to reinsall the OS to the SSD, in which case you would need to reinstall the drivers.

- zanginator

You can simply install the SATA/AHCI drivers before doing the clone.

Windows loads all the drivers installed, regardless if they are in use or not.