Will contests ever require actual effort?

Dear Logan, Qain, Wendel, Pistol, etc...

So I saw on the tek today that Logan is giving his car away, AWESOME BTW, and I was wondering if you would ever require viewers to actually do something to enter one of your contests. On the mountain laptop giveaway all you have to do is suggest something that should be in more gaming laptops. Although that should weed out a lot of people who would try to unfairly gather a lot of entries by bots, it doesn't solve the problem completely. I suggest that you require some sort of greater entry method to your contests so that you can lower/stop exploitation. For example for the car giveaway you could make it so that to enter one would have to make a video explaining how one would use the car and gear if they won. Then you could guarantee that whoever wins is honest about their intentions. Comments on this idea?

Thank you for your time.


i guess you leave out the people without videocameras and great ideas,


I think the idea is to be as inclusive as possible, while still excluding "drive-by" entries.  With most Tek Syndicate giveaways, there is effort involved: you have to watch the video (obviously too much effort for some people), you have to register on the website (to post your comment).  

It's all about building the membership base, and hopefully getting people to actively participate in the community.  Good for everybody.

I think they should start making more constest that require more effort, then it would feel like the winner deserved to win!

Well these aren't really "contests", they're more like giveaways.

Well, I'm sure the contests are meant to reward the audience (rather than make them jump through hoops) as well as promote TS and attract new viewers.  Being as inclusive as possible is the best way to accomplish those goals.  But, whatever.  I don't really care either way.  I just think it's cool they do it at all, even if I haven't actually entered any of them : )  

No wait, I think I did whatever one it was they wanted to hear family tech support horror stories around the holidays or something.  Got to bust out my fried gerbil story lol.  Good times.  Well, not really.  I almost threw up, and the gerbil died horribly.  Good story though.