Will buying a SSD fix Skyrim SE freezes?

I’m pretty sure it’s not mod related as I have about 400 plugins and a bunch of 2K textures. During gameplay I occasionally get stuttering and then the game freezes completely. A look at task manager reveals 100% disk usage. I have a HDD. Could that be the cause of freezes? If yes, will buying a SSD fix them?

Could also be that your Skyrim is using too much vram.

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100% disk usage can cause freezing, but what is your ram usage? That can also cause stuttering/freezes when its near full utilization


16gb ram.

I have 8gb vram.

Okay but when the game is running and freezing how much of both of those is used up. You might be running out.

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While I’m gaming I’m using about 9gb. Based on what I’ve read 8gb vram is more than enough for 2K textures.

Those 9GB allocated are most likely 8, that’s why you’re probably getting random stutters. Try lowering the texture quality back to 1080p and see if the stutter goes away.
The 100% disk usage could be the system swapping as you play. That’s why you need to asses if that’s the issue or the disk.

P.S. the GPU doesen’t swap in storage but in memory, just to be clear.

i always clean my disk and never add too many mods into the game no matter how strong the hardware is

Id start by checking what is actually eating the bandwidth, try checking taskmanager.
Using a ssd is not allways the cure all end all, if you got some random_application_01 eating resources.
Also dont store/play your games on a window$ boot drive, thats just asking for trouble, M$ hates their users.