Will Android ever become similar to PC gaming?

Hi there,

Basically, the reasons why I'd love to game on a PC are the indie titles, and the versatility of the platform; you can add in whatever peripherals you'd like.

With a lot of the new devices running Android, you can hook up keyboards, mice and monitors, and Android will support this set up surprisingly well.

The popularity of PC-like formfactors are also on the rise for Android, so it seems to me that the only missing piece is for Developers to sit up and notice this growing trend, and begin developing more "serious" games.

What do you guys think? 

Im hoping Valve will jump on the game and make their steam app for android almost like the pc version where you can play games and get achievements and track game time to your account. We already have an app like this from Google called "Google Play"... I think. I have used it but the problem was although there was a lot of game you could play through this I didnt know anyone who was using it.

Actually, on the windows phones certain games you play with actually earn you gamescore on your xbla.

I think the first step to making android games closer to PC games is for developers to take development seriously. They think of making 'apps' just a big money bag with little concern to the safety or completeness of the code. I am always turned off when I see cases of shoddy coding in android.

Android games are currently just a time sink, they are rather niche games that are really addicting, but they have little story and heart put into making the game. Sure there are some great android games, I am just addressing an overall trend that leaves this impression.