Will an Optane P1600X M.2 drive work with the ASRock D2143D8UM motherboard?


I found a nice deal on eBay for a ASRock 1U server that has a ASRock D2143D8UM motherboard and the server also has a Optane P1600X M.2 drive.

I want to transplant the parts to a normal mid-tower chassis for my new TrueNAS SCALE server.

When I look in the manual it says the following about the M2_1 slot. It doesn’t mention NVMe:

It has the following settings in the BIOS regarding the storage:

So I’m a bit confused about the situation. It’s obviously a used server and since the Optane P1600X was already in it I’m assuming it will work but I’m not entirely sure.

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Any updates?

Is that the latest BIOS for the mobo?

got one in my x570 desktop. it’s just an m.2 drive and will work fine