Will an FX8320 bottleneck an R9 390?

I just upgraded my monitors to 2560 x 1440 and my 2 xGTX760 SLI setup cannot run Fallout 4 in this resolution without crashing at medium settings. (I want to be able to run it at high or ultra if possible)

I'm thinking of moving over to an AMD GPU as my new monitors are Freesync. The R9 390 appears to be a good card for the money but I still only have an FX8320 CPU and I have a feeling that wouldn't be able to handle a higher end GPU without bottlenecking it.
If it's going to bottleneck then I'm happy to upgrade my CPU to even as much as a 9590 if needs be, but I don't really have a good enough understanding of what causes bottlenecking in GPU's to making an informed decision.

Rest of my the specs are; MSI Gaming 990FXA MoBo; 32GB DDR3 1833 RAM

Also, if anyone has any better recommendations on an AMD Card I'd appreciate it as I've never dealt with AMD GPUs before now and don't have a wealth knowledge on them.

Probably a little depending on the game. I wouldn't worry to much about it

if the 760's are 2gb or at least one of them then yeah you will need at least 3gb for Fallout 4. As for bottlenecking it varies upon each game. Some games may show it, some games do not.

Considering the charts for recent CPU review like the 6700K for up to date comparison there does seem to be some performance loss stepping down to the FX CPUs compared to more recent products. Now I wouldn't hesitate too much on grabbing a new GPU especially if you are going top end like a R9 390 because that card can be moved on to your new systems if and when you upgrade.

As for upgrading to a faster FX chip, I would say no. Hold off until Zen (if it ends up being good) if you can. The performance increase you'd be looking at is minuscule.

As for a AMD recommendation, In my experience I really like the MSI coolers now. Compared to my Strix 970 the MSI models are way more quiet. Sapphire is also a very solid brand on the AMD side.

6700K w/ 780 Ti

6700K w/ 980

EUGH CPUBOSS. don't use that site its biased as heck


It's just for rough and quick numbers. He has some numbers to start his own research. No need for total spoonfeeding.

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I run a FX-8320 with a R9 Fury on one 1920x1080 screen.
There might be a bottleneck but I get 110FPS in Wichter3 on highest settings without hairworks.
There might be a bottleneck but it gets smaller with higher screen resolution.
Wait for Polaris an Zen to come out before you consider an upgrade. If the GPUs break grab the Sapphire R9 390 or Fury depending on your budget.

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Your FX is unlikely to be much of a bottleneck in most games using high settings at 1440p.

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High settings in AAA games at 1440p? A 8320 will be just fine. That is very gpu bound in most cases.
P.s. The Fury (non-X) is a great 1440p card, if you can stretch it.

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In certain games it will yes.
Upgrading to a FX9590 makes no sense.

One area you can look at to upgrade is the cpu cooling and maybe some OC'ing. You already have a top end board and the (hopefully) the cpu cooler you choose will work if you go to zen later on. Just a thought.

Thanks all!
I looked at the Fury but it's over £100 more expensive and I find it hard to believe I'll get a worth while performance increase for that extra money.

I've always thought this which is why I haven't upgraded yet but I've only recently upgraded my Mobo and so I doubt I'll be able to splash out on a new Mobo and CPU when Zen is released. I could possibly be stuck on AM3+ for a year or more now. (this is assuming that Zen isn't going to work in an AM3+ socket)

nope it wont.

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In CPU bound games it will bottleneck EG; Cities skylines. And it will bottleneck HARD. but for most games it will NOT bottleneck.

I did my own comparision using the FX6350 (two cores less) against an Insane intel 6 core and saw very little bottlenecking in most games.


One 390 should be okay. You could see some bottlenecking in rare cases but not enough for it to be an major issue. Now 2 390's you might not wanna do that.


Yeah, I use a H80i AIO right now and I have OC Genie enabled in the BIOS. I've never tried any real overclocking but I'm considering changing the h80i out for a hyper 212 or a dark rock and pushing it a little more.

well it all depends on the games you play and how you play them.
at 1440p you will be allot more gpu demending for that matter.
still there will be certain games in which the FX will bottleneck a 390.

the 390 will not be bottlenecked much if at all running at 1440p. i have a 8350 and a 290 unlocked to a 290x and overclocked to the same clocks as a stock 390x and i dont expirence much of a bottleneck at 1080p at ultra res.

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It happens with a few games but it us not terrible. I have also checked my own system against NJM's results roughly and even with my FX 6100 @4ghz and a 290 for games it will runs smoothly Maxed out in most everything.

I am using a 2048*1536 screen so there is about a half million pixels less than a 1440p screen and it is all running fine.

A few games will bottle neck but not many.

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