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Will an Aorus x570 ultra post without cpu?

I’ve been slowly ordering new parts for a new build. I just got in my PSU and motherboard I’ve spent the morning testing if either is DOA. Seems my new PSU is. That was easy enough to test with my old rig.

Now I’m trying to check if my motherboard is working. I unfortunately don’t have an AM4 CPU to drop in for a test and I’m waiting on a back ordered new Ryzen 5000 processor. When I plug the motherboard in I see the RGB glow for a second and then notta. I thought I’d be able to at least post without a CPU, but I’m doubting that this is possible. Just want to confirm this possible before I RMA it.

If your mainboard has such feature, it’ll be mentioned in the manual. What does it say?

(that’s the polite way of saying RTFM :stuck_out_tongue: )


I didn’t see it when I read through it the first time. Still can’t find anything about it in the manual or googling. This board has a feature called Q-Flash Plus which is supposed to let you update the BIOS without any hardware which lead me to believe this would allow me to POST without a CPU hence the question.

Alright, I’m going to assume my mother board is dead too. I tried flashing the newest BIOS and got notta as well. According to their instructions the Q-Flash LED should start flashing when I’m doing this and I’m getting nothing.

Yeah, safe bet it’s DOA, although it’s fairly rare these days, especially mainstream boards like the Aorus. Take a photo of the numbers (serial number!) to ensure you’re not getting the dead board returned.

I just got an Aorus x570 ultra and also don’t have a CPU yet. Mine does exactly the same as yours when I try to turn it on, that is to say nothing. I found that Q Flash did work, but it took about 15 seconds to start working. Make sure that the USB drive you are using has a FAT32 file system and the bios file has been unzipped and renamed to GIGABYTE.bin. It took about 15s to start showing any signs of life when I pressed the Q-Flash button.