Will AMD Or Nvidia Be King? Thoughts?

Oh I know about it, I have warned people about it, but it always has more impact to actually see it happen before your eyes. I have been saying it for a long time and people don't listen but when they see it they take notice.

I honestly think one should get the best product for them. I use AMD cards because I like an insane amount of Mods in open environments.
As far as APU's go, they did focus too much on them without really realizing they would have been better off labeling them as mobile chips. But, they do have a place in desktops, and that place is with older mom and dad or granny and grandpa who will never have a need for a dedicated GPU. But they could have achieved that with less of the marketing push.
However there is light in AMDs future, I remember an article stating that AMD had more than %10 of the market share when it came to server grade stuff. %10 of that market is actually huge, and is enough for amd to have a turn-around in their current state.
so there IS hope. I am really digging the road map with AM4.

Both shall go back and forth as they always do tell the end of time.

Well thats not the case, AMD has been having its arse kicked by Nvidia for quite a while in the GPU department. I believe majority of people have Nvidia cards in their machines vs AMD.

I think the real long term winner for AMD is freesync and their Fury 2 cards (current fury cards are a overpriced joke IMO). Nvidia has announced 17GFLOP cards next year, so at least AMD know were to aim the Fury 2 card performance levels.

17GFlop? come on ... (maybe you meant TFlops)

8602 (TDP 275W)

6144 (TDP 250W)

R9 390x/290x (SP GFLOPS)


Lets not even take to dual precision cause top nv doesn't compete even with 7970.

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Pretty sure it was GFLOPS, but I could be wrong. They said next Nvidia flagship card next year will be 17.6GFLOPS if memory serves me right.

So it will be over 100 times slower than a 670?

maybe I'm missing the k next to that. Sorry I can't dig up the old article.

won't amd be better when dx12 comes out?

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That......I'd love to see
New chip manufacturers getting into the game

AMD have announced and even pre produced a 17.5 TFLOP card for this year... Fury X2

That aside yes they need to step it up. And most of all the Fury as it stands right now should be doing far better, the driver for tat particular card are not good. The rest are fine. It will age well I imagine.

Good luck finding anyone willing to step in. Intel purchased the majority of what was 3DLabs and Alliance Semiconductor*. SiS gave up after XGI and the Volari V5. Qualcomm has licensing to use SPU tech in the Snapdragon, but they won't scale it. We would need a new company with stupid amounts of cash and great designers to just pop up, make a great product, and hope to make it to the second.

As pessimistic as I am about the chances, I really am hopeful that somebody does come along.

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Your assessment is spot on. We need a new player, with a great idea and the technical know how to design a new chip, and either get some serious investment cash, or be independently wealthy. I think I would prefer the latter, as they wouldn't be pressured by the investors for an ROI.


Metaphor level: Wendell.

AMD could easily smash Nvidia as Dx12 gets further along IF THE PLAYING FIELD IS LEVEL if we get some big ticket titles out there without Gameworks, which considering how badly Gameworks butchers things (especially recently) we may see more developers opting not to use it but i'm trying not to get to hopeful as i'll probably end up let down.

AMD basically has dibs on HBM, AMD needs this edge seeing as Nvidia will be using HBM for its next gen cards (not sure if that's still just rumor or confirmed yet haven't bothered to check) meaning there's a good chance we won't see this huge over half year gap between Nvidia and AMD releasing new cards, which is crucial if AMD wants a good market share back (isn't it at like 30% right now?)

As things stand Nvidia has the market in their pocket, they know how to play a good game of chess, most recently making their 900 series destroy Dx11 but lack in Dx12, a clever move considering most of these cards were bought during a time where not much was known about Dx12 performance thus people who got a 900 series card will find themselves upgrading sooner and more likely than not when that time comes Nvidia will have something that edges out AMD in Dx12 to get them to buy Nvidia again meanwhile mr. AMD user isn't upgrading because their card is still good enough. End result? Nvidia just sold twice as much to the same customers than AMD (a bit exaggerated but you get the point) thus leading too a better r&d to rehash the scam and make the next card look amazing for a short time.

AMD will probably gain a small percentage of the market in the next couple of years by throwing everything they can at Nvidia while Nvidia cleverly gimps their own shit to sell more.

AMD appeals better to people who have niche uses for their graphics card like multimonitor, virtualization, etc. and people who are thinking "I need a mid ranged graphics card that can last me 4+ years because i'm broke"

Meanwhile Nvidia is driving a semi truck full of mountain dew and doritos screaming cmon let's play Call of Duty


didn't they also announce "great compatibility with directX 12!"?

The problem is that even though the GPU space is only made of two companies it would still be really hard for anyone else to even enter this market because AMD and Nvidia have gained the customers' trust and have a reputation. If an new company was to make Desktop GPUs that really I still don't think anyone would buy them

If a company that made a really snazzy GPU and made a reference card, sent it to all the hardware review folk, AND it stood up against both AMD and NVIDIA cards. People would buy it.


didn't they also lie about "great compatibility with directX 12!"?



Has not worked for AMD for years now. People are creatures of habit, once nVidia, you will find usually forever nVidia.

I couldn't agree with you any more. I mean look at the 7970. That thing was faster than the 680 and the 680 still sold much better

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