Will AMD make a CPU or maybe APU for DDR4 memory?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys heard if AMD will make a CPU or APU designed for the DDR4 platform and what not. I keep hearing AMD is going down under, but I really hope they can "stay alive" to have CPU products built for current gen hardware. I mean it will be cool to have an apu that can use the blazing speeds of ddr4 memory, but I guess that is up to AMD as a company. Thanks for your knowledgeable inputs before hand.

They recently released an embedded APU meant for medical/casino gaming purposes, it has DDR4 support.

Zen is going to be DDR3/4 as well

what's really going to save them is an APU with HBM on die

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if amd released a ddr4 apu tomorrow all that would happen is that they would canibalise the mid range gpu market

as this is currently their bread and butter I am thinking that is why they are holding off on doing it (either that or just their general poor financial health)

nvidia should be very afraid of good igpu as they cannot compete :D


We are never going to see that... Even now there is not enough HBM for the three GPU models that use it, not to mention, they are making 4-th one... FuryX2... May be for low end Zen APUs... May be not... Nobody knows...

They still own the Laptop market... Even if Desktop dies for them, AMD have nothing on laptops... Nor Intel...

HBM2 is probably going to solve a lot of the supply issues, plus AMD kind of has exclusivity with that one manufacturer

and as for laptops, APUs are like great for mobile, and their mobile offerings aren't too bad as far as performance goes

it's just impossible to find a laptop with an APU that's relatively cheap and has something better than a 768p TN display

I hope so... They have anounced full replacement of the current GPU lineup in 2016, so that could mean HBM for low end and mid range GPUs as well... I hope it does, because i kind of want it...

Yeah... Intel Skylake Mobile is kind of outperforming AMD mobiles in both CPU and GPU performance... That is sad... But...

since apu's came out i have the need for stronk OP APU; and market has not yet provided such :(

i need it.

Zen must be a win :| it must...

I have found one test it seems, and ya, it's probably faster overall,

Dota 2 is the only shared game



Though, what's the cheapest device you can get with that level of intel's iGPU performance? Isn't that going to be their iris pro line?

IDK, i am checking the stock of AMD from time to time, and it shows me news and things... And a news a couple of days ago was, that Intel's Skylake SOC and mobile chips are outperforming AMD chips in both CPU and GPU performance, while using less power... Yeah... Right after the news of "Industry leading Carizzo chips for medical etc etc...".

Carrizo was a pretty big flop overall, the chips have some weird power delivery issues, and there's like not even any reviews of them at all


The only real advantage carrizo has is better power efficiency, but the performance just isn't there

The mainly use them for industrial designs and SOC and stuff... There won't be any desktops and stuff... And the connectivity is shitty... AMD is kind of frozen for the moment when it comes to CPUs until Zen comes out...
Unless they decide to slap me in the face with their massive c*ck and finally give me 6 core FM2+ chip...
Give it to me 3GHz... I have the mobo, don't worry... Just give it to me... Please...

They could do something insane and have like a socket adapter, that would let you mount AM3+ CPUs to FM2+ boards, they would just need to include a special heatsink or something

Not sure how viable/possible that is.

Just rearrange the pins on 6300 and 8300, since they are both 95W TDP... God damn it, can you imagine how much better FM2+ would have sold if they had 6core CPUs on it? Not to mention 8 core...

I think there's a size issue for the actual chips, and probably some other issues

well for starters, the pin count...

Whatever... In 12 months, Zan will either solve those problems, or will make me buy an i5...

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they need to switch to LGA, PGA is more expensive... and more cpu's are defective because of it.
PGA = Pins on CPU = more expensive cpu, less expensive mobo.
LGA = Pins on Mobo = more expensive mobo, less expensive/defective cpu

Actually i disagree...
Intel is LGA, and board partners has started to include modules to help people fit the CPU without fucking up the pins... Nobody can fuck up installing AMD CPU... Don't care... I rather spend 5$ extra and not have to buy new mobo...

I much prefer having the pins on the CPU, less chance for things to go wrong, really they accomplish the same thing in the end

Also this, always a fun video

They are working on zen and that will most likely be DDR4.
So yeah its comming.

How do you bend a pin on AMD CPU? God damn... Well, this is Linus...
@MisteryAngel, i'm sorry we derailed the topic SO HARD....