Will adding an H80i Push Pull Disrupt Airflow?

Hey people

I have a Fractal Design Define R4 with 1 x 140mm and 1 x 120mm fan for intake and 1 x 140mm fan for exhaust. I am going to be installing a Corsair H80i in a push pull config where the exhaust fan is. Should I use the fan that the rad will be replacing and use it as a top exhaust or will it be fine the way it is?


I'd be placing the two 140mm fans at the front for intake. Then use that spare 120 as a top exhaust.

Right cheers

All depends on your airflow setup, especially the kind of gpus you have. if you have non-blower coolers on them then I would use 1 140 on the side as exhaust, and all the rest except for the h80i as intake, unless you have a window side panel, then I personally I would do as deejeta said. If they are blower design, though, then I would make sure there is plenty of air coming in through the front.

Its is a tri fan cooler, R9 270x Toxic. And yeah it is a windowed side panel.