Will a Thermaltake SMART 750w work with a Gigabyte r9 290x?

I have this power supply and I'm getting this gpu used. I am concerned that the power supply won't work with it because the card needs 6 and 8 pin power connectors. The powersupply has a 6+2 and 6 pin power connector. Do I need an adapter or a new psu or a I ok?

why wouldn't it?

6+2 = 8pin and 6pin its good.

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I didn't know if there was a difference. Thanks

In total agreement with CyklonDX, you re all setup and ready to go !
If the psu is modular; maybe check to put each connector on a different rail, if not modular , the psu s wiring should already be balanced !
cf a modular psu has the different connectors connected at different inputs in the psu. generally that you chose according to the usage.