Will a "Re-Flow" Fix my GPU?

Hey Y'all,

I have a nVidia GeForce ti 4400 that works, until it has been on for a minute, then green lines (reminiscent of those vertical lines in Nintendo games from the 1980's) appeared.  Then, the system froze.  This was just displaying the desktop, not gaming.  I checked my connections and fired it up a second time.  It went through the BIOS screen and Windows loading screen, no problem, but when it displayed Windows XP, it looked even worse.  I immediately shut it down.  I stuck the crappy, old budget card back in and the system worked.  Windows displayed a message saying it had recovered from a serious error. 

The card seems to work from a cold start, but as it begins to warm-up, it begins to malfunction.  Is there any chance that doing a "re-flow" will work.  If anyone here has experience with that, please give me your advice on how to do it.  I'm just a little nervous about throwing a computer part in the oven.  I'm guessing I should keep it under 105 degrees C.


I would put on new thermal paste. I had that problem with my last CPU. And yes, keep it WELL under 105 C.