Will a r9 280 Crossfire with Hd 7970

I have a XFX Radeon R9 280 DD 3GB and i wonder if it would crossfire with a HD 7970? Got an opportunity to buy a used 7970 and wonders if it is worth it. Could not find any clear answers through google. Also would a 750w power supply enough with a AMD-FX 8350?

The 280x and 7970 will crossfire but unfortunately the 280 won't. But try to look around maybe someone tried it and it worked but as far as I know it doesn't.

That sounds odd, I thought that the 7950 = 280 and the 7970 = 280X

As the 7950 and the 7970 can crossfire couldn't the 280 crossfire with the 7970.

Yea that was as close to an awnser i got @PendragonUK. I will probebly have to skipp on the deal then. Might get a other 280/7950 when i the time is right. Would 750w be enoug?? 

 would be good to know :)


You could crossfire with a 7970 since amd allows you to be far more flexible than nvidia. Still, I'm pretty certain that the 7970 would disable some some stream processors so it essentially becomes a 7950. So you'd be better off just getting a second 280 or 7950. 

Edit: and 750w is good for two 280s 

Why would it not? 280, 280x, 7950, 7970 They're all tahiti GCN1.0

yes you can crossfire them.

however, you will take down the performance of the 7970 abit.

Okay thanks!