Will a i5 6600k Bottleneck a 390 crossfire

Ok quick question will a i5 6600k bottleneck a 390 crossfire set up? Im planing on a upgrade if i go i5 for the same price as the i7 i can get a 256GB ssd and the i5. i can't seam to find benchmark comparing crossfire set up with previous gen i5 so not sure it will be handle. The most cpu demanding application and games it will run is Dolphin emulator and Starcraft 2 also Minecraft. If it does not bottleneck the i5 is the better value.

No it will not bottleneck it.

Really the only difference between the i5 and i7 is a slight clock speed change and HT. The i7 also has a bit more cache but none of that is really enough to make a significant performance difference. HT isn't even used really for gaming. Get the i5. It is a much better value and you really won't need the few advantages the i7 brings. Simple OCing will also even out the clock speeds meaning in game performance will be about identical.

What's your current system? Are you buying a whole new one?

If you already have haswell it's really not worth it to upgrade, unless you were to go X99 or something.

But ya, it won't bottleneck it.

Although, if those are the games you're playing, why do you need crossfired 390s?

depending on the resolution you are aiming to play at.
But yes there will be a bottleneck..

My current config is a amd fx 6300 with a r9 390. The reason for the upgrade my current cpu is holding me back in starcraft 2, minecraft and dolphin emulator. I also believe it bottlenecking the 390 in all the other games i play. The reason for the crossfire is mostly for competing whit my friend gtx 970 sli set up (for fun). I always wanted a crossfire set up when i first got into pc gaming.

i will be playing on 2560 by 1080p mostly some game it will be on two of those monitor in infinity. Will the bottleneck be big difference or minor?

depends from game to game, but in starcraft definitelty.
But no matter which cpu you trow at that, at 1080p every cpu will bottleneck a dual highend gpu setup.
especialy in cpu demending games like mmo´s and such

going with the i5 will be totaly fine.

Is there no AMD CPU upgrade worthwhile?

the AMD FX cpu´s are way worse.

fx6300 is the limit on that socket? lame

eh idk what you mean?
there isnt spoken about amd cpu´s in this thread at all?


I was wondering if they had an upgrade path on the current mobo, answer was a no eh

Ah yeah, well a FX9590 4.7GHz is the highest end cpu to get on the AM3+ platform,
but it performance per core is just awfull, that its getting beatn by a locked i5-4460 at 3.2Ghz in allmost every game.

So upgrading to a FX8 core doesnt realy make much sense.
Especialy for mmo´s, and games like starcraft.

Maybe when the new API's kick in that stuff will be useful, But yes, For multi GPU ,i7 or gtfo.

I question the validity of the motive for CF in this instance though, Seems to be shooting him/herself in the foot not getting a stronger single GPU, But whatever

and why is that?
The i7 will bottleneck a dual 390 aswell just like an i5 will.
Unless you crank up the resolution so high that you start to become gpu limmited.
Like 4k.

I dunno, Maybe I'm livin in the past :), It's "always" been the mantra.

maybe I'm thinking of triple...

You'll probably want the ASUS VII board or something like it for skylake then, it has x8, x8 on the slots for crossfire.

well there are ofc allot more boards to choose from then just the Asus maximus viii hero.

im looking at the gigabyte gaming 5 it has all the feature im looking for and run crossfire config 8x/8x so il look like im set for the mobo.

should be a good choice.