Will a amd a10 5800k cpu be able to run dolphin emulator

hi one of my frend waunt a gaming pc but he is on a buget but he waunt to be able to play a gamecube game on his pc because he dosent waunt to damage his controller anyway can anyone confirm me that the dolphin emulator will  run at 30fps if not what cpu would run it ho and whill probebly using onborde gpu thansk for the help


so it will run no probleme the emulator i have trouble beleving it couz my amd fx 6300 have trouble going pass 30fps whit resident evil 1 remake so does it go 25 to 30 fps during gameplay  whit resident evil 1 remake???

your friend needs to disable core 1, 3 and 5 this will make his FPU's unshared and should boost FPS in emulators it also gives thermal headroom for overclocking

My brother has a A8-3850 that runs the GC version of Twilight Princess petty good a 5800k should be more than enough, I can try out the RE1 remake and let you know how it plays if you want, lately I have been playing dolphin with my 8350 at stock speed it plays most game at full speed.

I have a Kraken X60 and I plan to overclock but right now I can't do any heavy lifting (had surgery) so maybe next week of the week after I'll do some overclocking.

EDIT: I just tried RE1 remake on my brothers PC and mine, on the A8-3850 it ran at about half frame rate, on mine with the 8350 it ran better but had some frame rate drops also, I had the frame skipping set to 0 so if you turn it on it should be ok

one of my friends has a 5800K over clocked to 4.0 and it does not run Resident Evil very well


As you can see I am getting about 20fps in the hallway right before you encounter the first zombie

some of the other games we have tried play at full speed like New Super Mario Bros., Smash Bros. Brawl, and Kirby Wii all run fine

ok thansk one more question did you trie it whit diffrent setting to optimize it to boost the fps like in dsp setting did you set the audio to dsp HLE emulation cuz i know if it set to DSP LLE my amd fx 6300 rig and intel rig have cant run it so yah

also how is the begining intro when they enter the mansion that is one of the part where my rig struggle and mabye lower grafic would it help can you trie that thansk for the responce