Will a 7970 work at 1600p?

Will an AMD 7970 stlll play both metros, COD, skyrim, maxed out (including 16x MSAA), if I upgrade my monitor. Right now I'm using a 1050p monitor, and it plays all the above games well.

It will play games at 1600p. But you really don't need anti-aliasing at that resolution. It should manage 9/10 current games with ultra textures and x16 AF.

7950 would work too. All depends on the frame rate, and budget you're shooting for.

Aliasing doesn't stop being noticeable at any resolution. It would be DPI that determines that, and even my 300 DPI phone still has noticeable (and bothersome) aliasing.

That said, going over 8xAA is pretty pointless.

Now that's just being picky... People on the internet...

But based on the information given by the OP, the monitor isn't changing size (as he doesn't mention a change in size). Thus the DPI would be higher on the 1600p.