Will a 600w powersupply sufficiently power an ASUS R7250 graphic card?

I have a 600w powersupply and would like to install an ASUS R7250 which requires at least a 450w power. Should I upgrade my powersupply? Also, I don't have the 6prong power cable needed to power the graphics card, which is another reason I am asking this question...

what is your CPU that is kinda vital to a yes or no answer

If the graphics card is an R7 250, you could have an FX 9590 and still be fine on that 600w PSU. That's how little power that graphics card will use.

Hell, you can probably run that graphics card and an average CPU with a sub 400w PSU.

Here's a video of my gaming PC using only 380w at full load, with Aida64 and Passmark 3D benchmark both running.

** *** *** And FYI. The recommended PSU wattage on those websites are way over estimated to prevent idiots from blowing up their computer with some cheap PSU.*** *** **

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All I know is the cpu is an amd quad core. I don't exactly know what model of amd quad core. The older graphics crapped out so I can't boot into windows to check the specs.

Then you could get away with something like a Corsair CX 430 watt PSU if you had to. So 600 watts is double or maybe even tripple what your system needs.

I also noticed the powersupply that I currently have doesn't have a powerplug that will fit the graphics card. Is there a cable converter that I can purchase?

600W if a decent is way enoug to even power a 290X or Titan X lol.

First, Tell me the make and model of that PSU. The quality of a modern PSU seriously comes into question, if it can't even support something as little as an R7 250.

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Yeah so your power supply is what I'd address as a bomb. All fun aside the quality of the components in that power supply are below standard. If you have a complete build list and a budget we can suggest a better power supply.

Yeah.. As the caveman said, that's the kind of PSU we're talking about. Replace it with something that was built with a bit more quality in mind. I doubt that PSU even delivers the advertized wattage.

I will be giving the computer to a family member once its in good running condition. my brothers budget is 100$ maybe more if need be. What do you guys recommend for a powersupply?

Meh. Something cheap and of okay quality, like a Corsair CX600, will do.

What would you recommend for high end? I want to give him multiple options

For the average user, a Corsair CX 600 offers plenty. I called it cheap as in affordable, not cheaply made.

Ok, great! I appreciate all the help and recommendations :)

the Xtremegear psu´s, i have personaly never heard about them, seem to be used in allot of prebuilds from powerpc and such.
I asume its a sort of wonky MS-Tech psu with a diffrent sticker or something similar.

i have no-idea if they are good or not, i did a few googles, and i saw a few complaints, so i guess, chance it for a decent one, would never hurt.