Will a 4790k and 380 work on CX430

Recently my friend is having problems with his powercolor 380 and i'm
going to put it in my pc to test it out and try to fix it, will be be
able to power it?

(Nothing in my PC is overclocked)
I wont be gaming I just want to check the temps/speedclocks/drivers ect.
**Yes i know CX430 aren't the greatest PSU's

It will boot etc etc but if you put those parts under load together your PSU will hit a safety cutoff (at least I hope the cx430 has one) running a canned benchmark like heaven would also be fine as long as you're not using your cpu in the background with something else...

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I will not be using it under load so...

Then you have your answer :P

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R9 380 actually uses maximum of about 230W...
So everything else have maximum of 200W to stretch it's wings.
Short answer - yes, there should be no problem...
Now the quality of the PSU is questionable, but all YouTubers amd reviewers and stuff jumped over each other to praise it and lick Corsair's butt... So there should be something decent in it...

Yeah, you can do some light testing but, as SoulFallen said, I won't do something like AIDA64 + Unigen because there's the risk that you might blow something up.

@psycho_666 The effective output of the PSU will never be 430W because the efficiency is not 1:1.

Correct and wrong at the same time.
If 430W power supply does not give you 430W they are lying to the costumers.
Now the efficiency is never 1:1 and this is exactly why 430W power supply will never Draw 430W from the wall socket. Higher the efficiency - lower the power draw from the wall socket is, but it's always more than 430W for 430W power supply.

From what I know a 430W power supply, for example, will draw a maximum current of 430W from the wall and, accordigly to the efficiency rating, give the proper amount of current to the hardware. So if that PSU is 80 plus bronze the average efficiency is 83%. So the maximum current will be available for the hardware is 357W. You can't rate a power supply for the current can give to the hardware.

No, dude..
If the PSU is 90% efficient and it sais 550W, then it will provide 550W while drawing 600W from the wall...
Most quality power supplies can overload quite a bit... My 430W Seasonic can go to almost 500W with 82/85/82% bronze efficiency. Providing 500W bronze means the unit will draw 570W from the wall...
What they say on the box, this is what they are suppose to provide as continues use...


Yeah, I was wrong. My bad.

I think it should basicly be okay to run this on a CX430.
But if he is every going to upgrade his gpu, then upgrading the psu wont be a bad idea.

Dont cheap out on your PSU regardless of whether it will "technically" work. The CX range is their most basic for small system upgrades on prebuilt systems, with a 4790k and a 380 you should be getting a RM series PSU. CX also have a poor reputation for reliability, a friend had one also, 1 broke and one set on fire. When i first started building computers i was going to get one because hey are cheap but from corsair, but soon realised what a bad idea it was.

They also have VS series, that wasn't 80+ certified a few years ago...
RM is kind of expensive. Corsair is kind of rebrand anyway. There are options when it comes to PSUs...

I dont understand what your trying to say.. CX series at the end of the day are very basic PSUs, you can get the original non RMi, RM series at a good price, it seems silly to have nice hardware then skimp on what powers them, doesnt have to be corsair, just I don't recommend the CX

Did you even read the OP? He's only testing the card out he's not going to run it like this.

We were just having a discussion, sprung from the topic...
@Cerimania, my point was, that Corsair have even more low end basic power supply line, the VS line..
And my point was, that for a quality power supply there are other brands, that I would rather trust my system to.
My other point was. That not so far ago everyone jumped over themselves to recommend CX series PSUs. Build guides and tech YouTubers and forums etc. And it just amuses me how there is almost no diversity nowadays. Mass recommended PSU is EVGA and that's it. Sometimes somebody jumps towards Seasonic, but most builds are made with EVGA because marketing.

Did you even read my post?
Im trying to fix/test out my friend's gpu on my Rig that I (ALREADY OWN)
I already know all the bullshit/bias people say about cx...
All I am asking if it is good enough wattage wise to use it on idle

The gold standard of PSU manufacturers. Period.

(currently running an EVGA 500B because its a damn fine PSU and was really cheap. I'm poor... lel).