Will 2 980Ti and 5930k A 4.5Ghz at 1.3V and 6 SSD 1HDD be to much for a 850W PSU

Will 2 980Ti and 5930k A 4.5Ghz at 1.3V and 6 SSD 1HDD be to much for a 850W Corsair PSU.

I get my 2nd 980ti tomorrow I will not be playing many games on this system. The main use is video editing 4K footage, and doing some 3D work with this system. I was checking to see if I can get away with this PSU for now and move my over clock down to 4-4.1ghz.

too much, no

past optimal 50% load efficiency, yes

i Think that dual 980Ti´s and 5930K overclocked might be pushing it a bit.

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If I drop the overclock to 4ghz at like 1. somthing would I be ok? I will be getting a 1300W EVGA later on in the week but want to try and get by with this setup for now.

Do you allready own the psu?
Otherwise i would say spend a few bucks extra and grab a 1000W psu.
Atleast i would personaly feel more comfortable with a littlebit more overhead.
But 850W should basicly do if you have a decent one.

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Yea the 850W is in the system just adding the 2nd 980ti tomorrow.

Just try it.
In the worst case scenario, your system just shuts off.
assuming you have a decent unit.

PSU is a CX850M Corsair Semi-Modular Power Supply 80 Plus Bronze.

should be fine

Hmmz... i´m not too sure about that psu for a setup like that.
Its not the best quality unit by all means.
My advice is to upgrade it to something like a EVGA Supernova 1000W G2.
Or Corsair HX1000i


Around the end of the week ill have a 1300w EVGA G2 Just need wait a bit to push the system with rendering and editing. so Ill put the new card in and test it solo for a week and also test two in but only for testing 2nd GPU slot. Ill need the 1300w since Ill be adding another PCI SSD and a 2 Hitachi NAS drives.

Running the system right now with the 850W no OC for only a few hours a day this week and 2nd card is in just using for physics for games @1080p and will try SLI gaming and just some light workloads leaves me a little headroom.

CX series are really really not for this kind of build, they have a terrible history of failing. if your spending that much on 2 980ti's and 5930k please put down a bit more for the key component in charge of powering them.... CX is the "builder series" for really basic builds, get a gold rated RM series psu at least

nah, CPU have 100w~ GPUs are 250w~ so thats 600w then everything else uses less than 50w.

so thats about 650-700w draw at most, meaning your SPU is fine

Well an overclocked 6 core 5930K under full load will consume allot more power then 100W. ☺

I pulled a rough estimate out of my ass, the max power draw it could take would be 150w on the CPU power connector + some from the mobo. but he still has a good 150-200w headroom so he's fine.

as long as he's not runnng this 24/7 max load its fine

If it was a realy decent unit, then he would be some what okay.
Its still pushing it.
The CX units are not decent units.

The 5930K overclocked will pull allot more then you might think.


This test is total system power under load with prime95.
Which basicly means that the gpu should be idleing.
Ofc those numbers are measured from the wall, and they used a Corsair AX860i 80+ platinum psu,
so there als so an efficiency factor that you should calculate off from the total number,
to exactly know how much the system will exaly draw from the psu it self.
But its more then you might think. ;)

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With no overclocks 850 watts should be sufficient.

I would not overclock anything using that power supply however, things might go bang and release some magic smoke if too much more power is consumed. As stated by others above, the CX series isn't the latest and greatest in power supply technology.

Holy shit I had no idea these chips could pull so much power.

Yeah they realy do.
Thats why X99 boards have such a beefy vrm.

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