Wildstar or GW2?

So I have been looking for a new MMO to waste my time on, and Im willing to spend some cash on it.

Thing is though that I hate grindy games, and games which require no skill in combat. I'm more of a casual mmo player, only a few have managed to get me devoted for a longer time, and I hate big serious guilds, I rather a small bunch of friends to fail together, but having a good laugh whilst doing so. I also like a good crafting system, I had too much fun in runescape training skills instead of combat back in the old days.

With that I ended up on Wildstar and Guild Wars 2, since I loved GW1 so much back in the day, it just got pretty boring in endgame.

Wildstar looks promising, I'm loving what I'm seeing from the combat, but with it being so hardcore at the moment (attunement for raids, dungeons seem like a fun challenge though), with apparently some itemization issues, I'm afraid I might fall out as a more laid back player.

GW2 on the other hand seems more for casual players, but I like the combat system less, although I loved the skill system in GW1. Apparently the endgame isn't as good either once again? Also it's getting older, whilst Wildstar offers a pretty fresh start. The questline seems more amusing and less of a grind than Wildstar though.


With other words: I'm stuck
















Go with guild wars 2. Wildstar is a lot like wow very grindy but has decent combat. Guild wars is way different then any mom I've played and can be played casuely or hardcore depending on what u want. Also no monthly fees which is great. They also add story content every two weeks which is cool.