WildStar is going Free to Play

Youtube announcement:

Info from site as to how they will handle F2P:

I remember when the game was first announced. I thought it looked interested but I wait for reviews. In the end I decided not to play it.
Does this announcement affect any of you?
Are you considering playing it now?

never got into wow so I might give it a shot if if goes f2p

Played it in beta. Thought it was too broken to pay for. Now that it is free, might play it again for a little while.

I played it for a few months after release. Thought the dungeons were WAY too hard to PUG. It was like Raid level boss mechanics from WoW for 5 mans. I hear that's been fixed though I can't be sure as I've not gone back.

If anyone has played it recently, please let me know as I am open to going back to it if it's been fixed up/cleaned up.

Having read more about it, I just hope it doesn't turn into Pay to Win via micro transactions.

More than likely.

Looked like an MMO for children.

The combat system was a nice break from tradition. It was essentially like a third person shooter. By far the most awesome thing ever, the Chua race had a giant rat ball as a mount.

I think I may try ArchAge, but WildStar doesn't look very intriguing.

I played this in Beta and did not like it. Tried a ten day trail and just having a blast.

Picked up a box copy for twenty, for picking up a physical box I got some in game items.

Have only gotten to the mid teens, there are these single man dungeons called adventures, so far not too hard. Also not sure if they are all single man or group scale-able.

Been lurking the wildstar reddit, seems they re-balanced or going to re-balance dungeons and group content.

Free To Play is basically where MMO's go to die.

My beta exp. was okay game wise but the ui and game bugs cause me to decide not to buy it. When it played well it was okay but nothing that really grabbed me other than some of the humor.

Yeah I agree. There was nothing to really keep me playing. The humor was nice, that's for sure.

I thought the title read, WordStar free to play

Using ForgeUI.