Wildstar Enters CBT3, And I'm Just Sitting Here

Wildstar has just announced the beginning of closed beta test 3. I personally am very excited about this game and I'm glad they are moving through these betas relatively quickly. As I have said in the past; Wildstar is the most finished unfinished MMORPG I've seen.

I first heard about Wildstar during PAX East when I was handed one of their cards. I looked at the card thinking "What is Wildstar?" So then I looked it up and sure enough, there was a video called, "What Is Wildstar?" (see above video). In the beginning of the video, I first thought it was just going to be another cheesey, try-hard MMORPG, but by the time the video was over, I was hooked.

Minutes after viewing the video, I signed up for the beta. This was a little while before beta ever began for Wildstar. The next day, I went back to PAX East and hastily returned to the Wildstar booth. I played for a few minutes and then asked one of the gentlemen working the booth when beta would be; he said anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. This actually led to be an accurate answer.

Shortly after signing up for beta, I figured I'd also shoot them an email telling them who I was, who Tek Syndicate was, and what we do. Not only did I simply want to play the game, but I was also anxious to write News Feeds/Articles on the game from an insider perspective (without violating any NDAs, of course). Sadly, as time passed and the first beta test was closing in, no response from the email I signed up with nor from the email I contacted them through indicating who I was.

I understand the first beta test for most games let very few people in, so I was patient. As I heard CBT2 was around the corner, I sent them another email, but yet again to no avail. Now, CBT3 is here, and still nothing. I've actually always had very good luck with getting into betas, even long before I joined Tek Syndicate. Yes, this saddens me, but it is not going to skew my perspective on this game and how excited I am for it. I just simply wish I could have been involved and get more people excited for what I feel will be a refreshing addition to the MMORPG genre.

I know there are so many subpar MMORPGs, but yet I refuse to become jaded and cross my fingers that each one I look forward to will finally be the one for me. Wildstar, I have faith in you.

Are any of you in the beta? If so, what are your opinions on gameplay and does it seem like Wildstar will be the refreshment people are looking for in this saturated genre?

Looks allright


I signed up for the beta the minute it was available, now it's a waiting game, that was, I seriously have no idea  when, probably 08 or 09 when I saw the video for Wildstar, and then it was just a concept.  It took a while for me to get a beta for Firefall as well, and most of use know how long that took to get off the ground.

I'd love to see the early videos to see the progression. This game looked cartoony at first so I thought it was a WoW clone until Pistol showed me a few more videos. I wonder if it started out this way. You have any links to the old videos? The oldest one on their official channel is from 2011.

Which videos? Game seems pretty interesting.

Yea, wish I could find it, it's before they had a channel, and even then it was just a CG test video, no gameplay or idea, just a concept. It's like WoW had a MASSIVE CG teaser years before the game.


Wow i´m very excited about this game, it realy looks amazing ☺

Can't wait for this game to come out.

I wish MMOG's like this could have been out back when I wasn't tired of MMOG's.

I've been hanging out for this game for a while now too, and I am very excited. I particularly like the way the marketing and publicity surrounding this game comes across as really laid back, witty, and down to earth, and the gameplay features seem awesome too.

Looks quite interesting, actually. Far too many MMORPGs as of late have been taking themselves too seriously, GW2 infact started of as a fun adventure for me but six months in, it seems completely bland and tasteless, almost sterile, tbh.


May give this one a shot, actually. thanks for putting it here, Pistol! 

to me this seems sort of Ratchet & Clank esque

Same here. :D

I think I found this game before I was in high school and I just graduated this year. :P

looks fun.