Wil dis configuretion work

Build’s Name: unraid nas
Operating System/ Storage Platform: unraid
CPU: E5-2650V2 (or two)
X9SRi-F (or X9DR3-LN4F+)
Chassis: Cooler Master CM Stacker STC-T01
Drives: 2 WD40EFZX for paroty and wat 1tb black wd drives
RAM: 8 Kingston KTH-PL316ELV/8G
Add-in Cards:
HPE H240 (or AOC-S3008L-L8E)**
Power Supply: Enermax Platimax D.F. 750W ATX Zwart

cpu cooler: Noctua NH-U9DX i4 Processor Koeler
Other Bits:

Other information…

I do use this nas mainly for saving movies, game (for emulaors), work documents and virtual mashines (with the emulaors or windows xp games)
I also want a vpn on it for use outside my network, it comes in a supneterk (network with own ip range in another network with different ip range)

would this configuration work without buying more

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