Wiimote on Ubuntu on Dolphin

Hey all,

Just want to hear if any of you have reliably gotten a Wiimote to work with Bluetooth on Ubuntu. Specifically I am trying to get it to work with the Dolphin Emulator.

I've gotten it working very rarely, and it is not reliable at all. I just want to know if any of you know of a good tutorial to help me out.

I am on normal Ubuntu Unity, if that makes a difference.

I use the standard USB Bluetooth Adapter route, and trying to get that working with Dolphin.

I too was trying to get a Wii controller to work on Ubuntu a while back but I couldn't figure it out. I'll be watching this thread.

Theres a tek video on this.

Glad that someone else had this issue.

Blueman (Bluetooth Manager) was supposed to make this easy, but it never worked.

I actually got it working with minimal effort on Linux Mint Cinnamon, but the open source mesa drivers were giving me bad performance in Skyward Sword.

I installed the AMDGPU Pro Drivers, but that ended up breaking Cinnamon, so had to go to Ubuntu Unity, where I am having these connection problems.

Fun times. :)

I am aware, and I watched it. But they only show the Windows version, the process is a little different.

Then get an app like QTSixA for controller support if dolphin isn't going to do it for you.

How does that help me?

It says it's for PS3 hardware only.

And Dolphin has to recognize the wiimote independently from the operating system or any other piece of software, so I don't know how that'd help me out,

Huh I thought it had wider support than that. I have a ps3 but I have seen people use it for xbox before.

Thats annoying.

Yeah, good suggestion though, thanks.

Just frustrating because it works just fine on Windows, and it basically did on Linux Mint, but not Ubuntu for some reason. Blech.

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Ubuntu is also the white trash of linux at this point.

Lol I can see why.

However, I did install KDE 5.6.5 on the Ubuntu install, and whatever KDE does differently, the wiimote has synced up properly now with Dolphin.

Bloody problem is, AMD's drivers suck butts on Linux that I can't play Skyward Sword at full speed at 1080p, and I can on Windows.

Tempted to buy Nvidia, but meh, idk.

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Well the thing is Emulators like Dolphin, PCSX1/2, VBA, MAME, MAMO, and what have you, are rendering from software most of the time. Yes, AMD drivers are not great, but if you used something like netrunner (manjaro catered to power users) you get KDE, arch, and Catalyst. You will have better luck with Catalyst, but again, it renders on software A LOT. And if my memory serves me, Dolphin on linux is rather recent and is not their main line of development.

Honestly, it seems just as capable as the other platforms. But the drivers on the AMD side falls short.

I was actually just thinking of the Catalyst drivers, an interesting idea.

Does Manjaro actually download the Catalyst drivers properly these days? I know you need an older version of X.org, not to mention it has to work with the kernel properly.

If it does, I'll try it in a heartbeat.

But it does utilize different technologies to render, on Linux you've got OpenGL and Software Rendering. On Windows, you have DirectX 9, 11, 12 and OpenGL.

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Netrunner specifically. Manjaro uses an older version of Xorg while Netrunner has the newest Xorg handling display calls while Wayland handles the actual Rendering and Display.

So that would be the Netrunner Arch version I presume?

I'll give them both a shot, but I do have more experience with Manjaro's Driver Manager.

Thanks for the tip man, you're a life saver!

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Yeah Netrunner Rolling. It uses the same tools as manjaro no worry :D

So wait, the Netrunner process confuses me.

To make it work with Catalyst and a new Xorg it uses Wayland? How does that work with games?

Or am I totally off base? XD

I dunno the code, haven't looked at it, but from what I can tell Xorg handles the calls for draws and where stuff is and handles the older tech and wayland handles the actual frames passed off from Xorg. It uses catalyst as the driver and it all works pretty well together. The only thing is that Wayland isn't exactly finished so it might drop frames every once in a while. The other thing is games like CSGO that always have GPU changes put in make the driver older and older. When AMDGPU is done theres another process they use for that but I have no clue how that works (I can't use AMDGPU).

Good luck anyways.

I used this on windows (the amazon reviews say some people have it working under linux). The sensorbar itself is a bluetooth device designed for syncing with old and modern wiimotes.

Yeah that is a possibility for sure, thanks for the link.