Wii U, the console approved by PC gamers?

I just bought a Wii-U because of E3. I thought some of the games looked compelling. I like the fact that they don't focus on hyper realism not that the hardware could cope but Nintendo isn't trying push the system as hard as they can. It seems they are focused making games that play well aka (60 fps no input lag the usual stuff us pc gamers are always crying about). Where as the rest push graphics to the max and murder the hardware. Causing crap experiences me for instance can't stand plugging in the console popping in that game you want to play and 10 minutes later throwing the controller because the game dev only has given me 30fps at sub 720p. So far Wii-U hasn't done this to me doesn't mean Nintendo won't do this stuff. 

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Nintendo really just does it better. They're cheap, they actually own their IPs, (except those platinum and monolith soft games. Not sure if nintendo payed them to come to the wii or if they just wanted to develop for it.) and free online. Like, seriously nintendo, I would like to say no one would take that shit from you but they do for Sony. So props.

They aren't making the top graphical games, they aren't trying too. They don't pollute the knowledge eco system with bullshit like "You can't tell the difference between 30 and 60 FPS!"

Nintendo just wants to make games. They make their systems cheap and their games innovative. Not some of the same tried and trite bullshit shooter I've played before. They want to have fun.

Although if you want the best experience PC is the only choice, and for good reason, but damn if I'm not going to get a WiiU at some point. Maybe after I get a new mobo and add another 760 to my machine.