Wii U, the console approved by PC gamers?

I want your honest thoughts and opinions about the Wii U and leave your "PC MUSTARD RICE" in your fridge.

IMO and although I do not own their current console...

In essence Nintendo does not offer anything which isn't in some similar form available on other platforms, from racing games or brawlers to platformers or shooters. Nevertheless, they are still able to differentiate themselves enough through their well established franchises with their memorable and iconic characters to make me interested in what they do, in contrast to either Xbox from Microsoft or Playstation from Sony and no matter how much people say that they keep rehearsing old concepts, etc. 

I used to really like the Nintendo products, however as tiwo1990 says most of the stuff that can be done on another platform and the only reason IMO to buy a Nintendo console is to play Nintendo games (as they don't allow other devs on their systems) and I don't particularly enjoy them. (except the most f***ing addicting game *cough* Pokémon *cough*) 

I feel that the Wii games are a little well basic and childish, but then that is their target audience.

Yes they have games that are good, but when you play the same format over and over it gets boring (as with a lot of console games ATM)

I just prefer PC due to the varying game types, styles and qualities.

"PC mustard rice" hahaaha I have to use that some time!! Also I think the only reason they don't hate it is because what it offers isn't achievable on pc, so they sort of can't hate it. It's be like comparing a gaming pc to a poke machine or real pinball/pacman. I for one don't hate consoles either, any of them. I have a 360. i don't see what these people with shit tonnes of mustard rice have against other people being happy with their own devices. I mean I guess it gets annoying when a 12 year old thinks a 360 is more powerful than PCs but the same is in return when the 45 year old virgin replies bashing the kid on how superior his PC is.

The Wii U is a nice console. and the thing is I don't think anyone sees it. and I mean that towards the Average Console gamer who owns a PS4, Xbone, PS3 or X360. the way I look at it, The Wii U is the Party Console. its awesome if you have all your friends over one day just chilling and relaxing. lets be honest here, you'd be a damn fool to have a PC LAN party every couple of days in your house only to run up your electricity bill. not that having LAN parties are a bad thing I love LAN Parties but it isn't convenient. I'm not going to bring my mATX system with my 4670k OC to 4.5ghz and my GTX 770 to my Friends house. (and to comment on this I don't see a reason to own a gaming LAPTOP when i have a gaming PC. Sorry just my personal Opinion). when instead we all can just have fun playing games on the Wii U. other than that I don't see a proper reason to own it. and Also I haven't seen a game that Made me say HOLY SHIT I NEED TO GET A WII U. Sony and Microsoft are honestly the only companies that made me do that. (and that was when Halo 3 first came out and Probably Uncharted and this was prior to even being aware of PC gaming) HOWEVER, I will Admit I was Pissed off When I heard Bayonetta 2 was announced as a Wii U Exclusive. cause i did love that game on Xbox. but really I can't get mad. cause I do want to see Nintendo Prosper. but In reality I do think they need to get with the times and Bring something Ground Breaking and I mean that in the graphics department. or Take some Ideas from other companies. Sony being the perfect Example, WHY Can't I use my 3DS XL as a controller or something. or Play my 3DS games on the Bloody Wii Tablet. Like Integrate all your proprietary hardware like Sony has, What is so wrong with that. Also honestly some of the problems I think Nintendo has they bring that on themselves.

But I HAZ no hate for Nintendo. the Wii U is an awesome Console, I JUST really have no reason to own it. my friends rarely come to my house and if we need to play games I PC game online with them or Game on Consoles with them if need be.

If someone gave me a choice between the 3 current consoles....I would pick the Wii U hands down. The Xbone and PS4 look like junk to me, but the Wii U looks like what a console should be.

I love when people say that Nintendo is doing the same thing over and over, and isnt innovative. They have touchscreens, second screens, half decent motion controls. What do the other consoles have? A controller and a camera.

Yep. The other guys are very innovative. They should work for Apple.

I want one, desperately. I adore first party Nintendo IP. I've had an N64, Gamecube and Wii and loved them all. The Wii U to me is the only proper console, the xbone and PS4 are tiny crap PC's (Yhazee's phrase not mine). Nintendo seem to be the only one of the three actually still innovating in console game play and interaction and are the only ones that offer me something different (though not necessarily better) than my PC. The only reason I haven't got one is due to the poor initial sales, I was worried that they would be so bad that it would be cancelled ala Dreamcast and I would be left with an obsolete piece with only a handful of games. Hopefully the strong IP they showed off at E3 will turn the corner.

I've also believed that "Nintendo is aimed at children" is a fallacy perpetuated by people that play nothing but CoD/BF3/4 or Halo, just because Nintendo's top games involve much more than repeatedly shooting polygons in the face (and little else) doesn't mean its aimed at children, its aimed at being accessible and enjoyable to all ages, something I think is far harder to achieve.

The PC Master Race does seem to ignore Nintendo when it comes to slinging insults. Some even say, "PC/Nintendo Master Race." 

I think Nintendo needs to make money as much as the next company, but they seem to be more about exploiting their IPs than exploiting their customers. They are also risk-takers. They try new things when other companies play it safe and do the same things over and over again. They also have an attitude where profit is important, but innovation and creativity are also important. 

Having said all that, I have owned most of the older Nintendo systems and I even have a Wii. I have never actually used the Wii, it was just cheaper to buy a used Wii with two Wii Remotes than it was to buy the Wii Remotes, lol. I use them with Dolphin on my PC. I think the PC is the superior platform and really hope they get the new Wii U controller working on the PC. I want to play the new Zelda at my own resolution, with filters, and quicksave. 

In a perfect world everything would be for PC and all the companies would make accessories and games for PC. I know this means most testing on more hardware, but... that's just how I would sort things if I were the god of gaming.

Lastly, Nintendo users are usually less annoying that PS and Xbox users. They don't run around saying nonsense like, "You can only see 30 fps!" and nonsense like that. I don't consider Nintendo owners peasants. They're just Nintendo people.

Nintendo also appears to be a bit more media shy than Sony or microsoft counterparts. However and correct me if i'm wrong, i can't remember if Nintendo has ever used hype in the same way that other tech companies use (see watchunderscoredogs, AMD's "edge of space" APU launch for low end APUs, etc)

Most of the time they just behave in a slightly less evil way than most, and the Master Race approves.


Nintendo as a company also have cash and stock reserves that mean they could make a pretty big financial loss every year for a decade and still survive, financially anyways. Sony doesn't seem to be in particularly good health these days despite having a far larger product portfolio and there is never ending speculation that the Xbox division will be sold off because it has never been consistently profitable. 

I once worked for a company that made a few of the display units in the UK for the XB360 so you could play them in stores when a new title was just released, the MS exec we met basically said "The 360 is not designed to make a profit, if it does then good but its main point is the shoehorn Microsoft products and services into peoples living rooms." Nintendo seem to genuinely care about their products and user base an awful lot more.


Nintendo actually bleeds money most of the time on console sales. They lose money with those, and make it back with game sales and merchandise.

Nintendo has a HUGE merchandise niche'.


Who said Nintendo was for kids?


Wii U had some amazing games on it even before Mario Kart 8 came out.  The games I love are Lego City Undercover which is a Die Hard/GTA type game with Lego that is fun for people who lived in the 80's and then there is Rayman Legends which was supposed to be exclusive on Wii U and for good reason.  In fact it has sold the most on the Wii U.  The game totally makes use of the tablet like controller, the graphics are beautiful and it is a totally different gaming experience than you get on the so called next gen consoles which are just basically dumbed down pcs.  One thing though with Rayman Legends is that it is best played with multiple people but a game encouraging people to play together in the same room is a good thing.  Also in regards to the Wii U I will say the fear some people have of the tablet controller and using it to play regular games is stupid.  It hardly feel wrong at all.  I had no problem playing various AAA titles on it.  However I will say that the 5 hour or so battery life stinks although really should we be playing video games more than 5 hours?  Something to think about ....

One knock against the Wii U for me is some of the cool TVii services suddenly don't work in my area anymore.  I don't like that one bit as Nintendo had improved on some of what was offered.  I have yet to talk to Nintendo and my cable company about it but I hope that these features will be back up soon for me. 

Wii U .... selling better than Xbox One and definitely offers a different gaming experience than the PS4 so why not get the Wii U? 

makes me want to buy a nintendo shirt


damn i really need my own silkscreening kit

Also becoming more and more interested in buying a Wii U...

IMO, Nintendo has stayed true to what console gaming is and should still be - casual, fun living-room gaming. Not for serious gaming. PC is the superior platform in almost every aspect, but the Wii U does bring some exclusivity to the game (no pun intended) that you have to decide for yourself if it's worth it. I've been looking at some of the games for the Wii U and some that are up-coming and I have to say - they look like a lot of fun (and they look good). Considering the console itself isn't that expensive (as far as current-gen consoles go), it's looking more and more tempting to me. One very important thing the Wii U (wisely) does not do is; try to compete with PC gaming - a very big mistake the other consoles made and a battle which they already lost before even going on sale.


Funny I must be in an extremely small minority, and I am assured I am, in that I hate Nintendo over all other consoles available.

I will say I hate modern Nintendo, not old Nintendo. Old Nintendo rocked, but recently they are just an old company out of ideas and have turned to beating their old franchises to death. What really infuriates me is that people keep buying them. 

I agree with you on one point, but for very different reasons. "They're just Nintendo people." Yes they are and for me that ranks in the same league as Apple people.