Wii on pc

Hey Logan and crew I was wondering if you guys were ever going to make that video on how you play wii on your pc with a wii remote. Thanks for reading this and thank you for your time good sir.

P.S you should drink more coffee in your videos because become the equivalent of my cat on cat nip (she gets super hyper) just thought you would like to know.

Just instal Dolphin emulator to your PC and synch the controller.

This, but with some elaboration:

You download the dolphin emulator

Acquire a wireless IR receiver ( http://bit.ly/15MQjsH )

Acquire a Wiimote

Acquire a Bluetooth receiver (if necessary.)

Turn on bluetooth on your computer and synching, synch the wiimote with the computer, set it up on Dolphin and turn on the IR receiver. Download the .iso from your Wii game disk and have at it.

You can use two candles instead of the IR receiver as it infact is not a receiver rather 2 IR LED's that the wii mote sees.

That seems practical.

Thank you for responding quickly.


Also one thing that I've used before in the past was a program called "glovepie" it is like a keyboard re-mapper program. The thing I personally love about it is using it with the dolphin emulator i can change the controls for every game. I personally hate most default controls for almost every game and this program allows me to change it to my liking.