Wifi works but ethernet won't

So in january I built my first gaming rig and I've always had wireless internet. I finally moved and the modem/router is in my room and I can finally have a wired connection.
Only problem is it will not work at all. I've wired them up every way I can think of, but the computer doesn't detect internet. I'm not sure if its a light in the ethernet port or a light in the cable, but something is lighting up when I plug in the cable.
My mother board is a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 if that helps.
Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
Really want to get the most out of my internet connection.
modem is: motorola surfboard model SB5101N
wireless router: cisco, model # E2500

Im no expert on this, but maybe the wireless pcie card (assuming thats how you are connected to your wireless) is somehow interfering with the wired connection.

Just a lucky guess.

You need to install the driver for your NIC

^Yup. Hit the motherboard manufacturer's website to download the latest drivers for the LAN/ NIC controller. Alternately, you will have a disc that came with the motherboard, and that will contain a few drivers and utilities.

^Yea try that first. I had an issue the other day where 2 computers would not connect to the internet over ethernet but would on Wifi. Checking ipconfig indicated it could not communicate with the DHCP server for some reason. I could not reset the routers for various reasons at that time but setting the ip's manually solved the problem. That was an odd one but most likely the driver for the NIC needs reinstalling.

One of three things:

  • Either you dont have LAN/NIC drivers installed
  • You have a bad cat5/6 ethernet cable or bad crimp on your rj45
  • Your motherboard is dying (My friend and an FM1 Gigabyte board that had a few weird issues after about 2 years, one was the ethernet onboard died.)

So I just downloaded Realtek LAN Driver from gigabytes section for my motherboard and it worked! Thanks you guys.
I actually asked my friend if it could be a missing motherboard driver and he said no, but you guys are the best.