Wifi War

Well I've finally given up lol. All these years my neighbor's wifi been only 50% signal strenth of ours in our home. But today using the Wifi app on my house it's near 90% strength in my home and in the living room it is actually stronger cuz they have theirs on the wall while we have ours in the bedroom. Well we get along with all our neighbors except the one next door. We live in a duplex, for some reason our neighbor has his wifi box right at the wall opposite of our HDTV rendering our cable box disfunctional and our HDTV incapible of WIFI. We're using a Roku HD and it doesn't have an RJ45 jack. Their wifi is on channel 11 ours is 3. I didn't wanna put it on one, cuz there was like 2-3 others that already taken the spot.

Is there anything I can do besides wifi war ( using old wifi router to jam their signal) and aluminum foil the wall? Here's an example of our signal strentht. This is after I've put a 8x10 aluminum foil on the wall and placed a styrofoam cup with aluminum foil to block some wifi.

Before Styrofoam foil cup DIY

After DIY measuring on top of the Roku device.

PS. My 2.4Ghz Wifi is blue, The red is my 5ghz and the neighbor's is teal. My neighbor's wifi is a netgear and I think they have DD-WRT and have it near max blast. I think it damaged our digital reciever cable box, I'm not 100% sure yet.

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Do you want ethical choices or basic ones?

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Im kidding, but try putting it on either 1, 3, or 6. Any other channel between is going to fuck up yours and everyone elses wifi. Thats the first thing I'd try

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I'll be lurking here since I have a similar problem and don't really want to buy an access point for ~70€ for my room (modem in livingroom, aluminum foil on wall between kitchen and my room + upstairs neighbor's wifi makes reception in my room at times basically non-existant).

Going from that image, use channel 1, all the others have a ton of interference from people using channels that aren't 1 6 or 11, which are the only channels anyone should be using.

You're better off sharing a channel with someone than having channels that overlap.

A bunch of your images are gone so we don't really get a clear picture anymore of what you have going on.

Easy solution: 5 GHz band

Most fun solution: drop all their connections when your connection goes active. (not going to go into detail, but research airdrop-ng)

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Are you familiar with a terminal and linux and all that? You could just kill his router and then call the cable company and say your shit is getting ddosd by your neighbor.

No wait better get a stud finder and wait for them to not be home, scan fir the router, the. drill through the board. They obviously want war so fire your cannons back.


If you want to fuck up there day move to channel 6 and set channel width to 40 MHz. That will cause heavy interference on all their connections; you won't be able to use wifi on shitty 2.4 GHz anymore however.

You really should only be using 5 GHz anyway, 2.4GHz is for legacy connections (and/or really shitty hardware).

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The easy solution is never the fun one.


OOOOO AIRDROP! I was just thinking aircrack and then blast as many packets as possible at them.

Not exactly true, 5ghz is a lot faster connection but is terrible at going through any surfaces or distance.

The best thing to do is run an Ethernet though, it's very easy to tuck a cat5 under a baseboard in apartments or go above doorways

but he said that this mass of frequency was killing his hw...

still having problems?

Get a new 5ghz router. Then get the old one and disconnect it from the internet then change the SSID to match your neighbor's and make sure its password protected. Call it retribution... hahaha

Update, I've decided to just add my old netgear router to bridge my old router. It's on same channel and lowers the neighbor's signal by 30-50%. Now I don't get dropped packets to my TV or my roku. I'm planning on taking my sister's Roku which is a roku 3 so it has AC support and no more 2.4Ghz interference. I think my neighbor has multi ubitobity, poe or over-transmitting DD-WRT. It's ok now, but yea didn't realize the dangers of wifi until I watch those "wifi damping" Youtube guides.

Is ethernet cabling not an option?

WIll probably need a 50 to 50+ feet cat 6 cable and some sort of trimming. probably cheaper to go poe adaptors. Or I could get a 20-30 feet one and drill down to basement and come back up in living room.