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WiFi scanning in Android 9


Does anybody have WiFi scanning working in Android 9? And I mean continuously working. Not just the initial scan but refreshes also. I’ve tried the usual stuff like enabling location, various versions like WiFi Analyzer by Farproc and the open source WiFi Analyzer.

They work just fine in Oreo and Nougat. It’s just in Pie that it always fails for me.

I’m still rocking my old Galaxy Note 3 with a 10000mah battery. (My S7 is gathering dust since it has a locked bootloader)

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…huh… never even tried, i have noticed sometimes the wifi is wonky and i have to refresh it for it to work.



I’ve even set the refresh interval large enough that I should have avoided the throttling problem in Pie all together. But even that becomes unresponsive. Besides waiting 1 minute in between refreshes wasn’t really a usable option.



You have to change it in the WiFi driver config in WCNSS

Also you must build prop the scan interval.

I can’t remember off the top of my head but if you start your research here assuming you have root you’ll get somewhere. I don’t have my resources on me