Wifi Router for Dishnet

Anyone know a decent and low cost router that works with Dishnet? I recently set up a new desktop for my mother-in-law and bought a D-Link DIR-817LW to share her connection with her laptop.. seems that Dishnet needs and "compatible" router to work and they suggested a netgear but not the model. So we bought a Netgear WNDR2000 and same deal. Hooks up, sees the connection but the PCs behind it can't see the internet. As this is for a woman that is not tech savvy at all, the idea of building a PFSense is way over her understanding to use, and to run 2 computers and a couple smartphones a store bought is something I'd prefer getting her. I live in Missouri near ST.Louis so I'm willing to go the shops if need be as well as online.

Any router should work.

There will be a Modem or Edge-Device that handles the incoming signal from the ISP, but that's just a layer one (physical) device. If the ISP provides a device that handles the connection at level 3 (IP Addressing), then you can just put another router in front of it, which will be a double NAT. If the ISP doesn't provide such, then you just need to make sure your router is provisioned with the correct public IP address.

Can you tell me what device is handling the actual signal from the ISP? How is it configured? What IP is it pulling from outside? What is it provisioning your router with?

The most I can tell you on this is that it is a DishNet modem. "HT1000 Satellite Internet Modem Dishnet 1503308-0043" in google gets the closest info on the one she has. Looks a lot like a cable modem.

I had the mind that any modem should work, however 2 down that work on my connection but not my mother-in-laws.

D-Link DIR-817LW - no internet seen by computers
Netgear N300 WNDR2000 - No internet seen by computers\

Laptop only - internet seen
Desktop only - internet seen

Was on tech support with dishnet and they claim that the d-link was incompatible.

Can you reboot the modem with the router off, then turn the router on and tell me what the WAN or uplink port on the router gets for an IP? When your PC connects, what IP address does it pull?

oh you'll love this.. got it working with the first router, all it took was changing the Default IP from to seems that was the conflict or "incompatibility" both the router and the modem used the same IP.