Wifi router diffrent models

what can i do i got a netgear nighthawk x6 3200 for free from my service and the things i like is i can move all my wifi things on there and not to slow down my modem and i like to track them easier with the wifi map and i like qos i like to see what are people using on the network wifi?

what is the difference my x6 3200 vs the x8 to x10?

is it ok or do i need to use guest my familiy use it both we both live in different apartment what can i do in iit anything different from the other setting there 5 people with 4 electronics are phones and tablets and some games consoles?

is there any way to track what is every one doing in the network as i am the one who controls the internet?

no offence, but please use commas. You writing is hard to read.

Quality-of-Service is indeed useful for prioritizing devices/services packet routing. What you can do is either specifiy a service, Youtube for example, to have high priority to make less lag. Or you could just say that your device has high priority above all the others to just make service good for you.

what does this mean.

If you are talking about one of those terrible modem/router combination units, then you will need to turn off the 'router' part of that unit. These are usually terrible anyway so it won't be missed. But if you that on with the new router then it will cause lots of interference and make your service a worse experience.

The x6 has a little better thoroughput than the Nighthawk R7000, and an extra antenna for slightly better coverage.

the x8 is a Tri-band. Your's is a dual band. The Tri-band is just a secondary 5.6 GHz antenna.

the x10 is the same as the x8, however it is one of new types to have 802.11AD. Nothing you have has 802.11AD wireless yet, average consumer grade stuff won't have this for a few more years. This would be a waste of resources more than likely for your current configuration.

nope, disbale that. Too many SSID's will confuse your users. However, guest wifi usually has the option to be more restrictive. I.E: login portal, limited bandwidth, throttled speeds, and or limit useage to specific times of day. If thats what you were wanting then go ahead.

Having 3 SSID;s (2.4 GHz, 5.6GHz, Guest), will not make your speeds better or improve performance. As these are all coming from the same router. Speed and performance are achieved by having the router in an optimal location, and clients connected to the most appropriate network.

Yeah, there is usually a customizeable log file. But you will have to read it. Its not a "Click here to get an alert whenever user X goes to Y.com", type of deal.

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