Wifi Repeater Raspberry PI

Hi there,
I would like to setup a WIFI Repeater on my PI and be able to run it through a proxy or vpn so that the traffic will be hidden. The reason why I would like to run it through a PI is because I can only register 1 MAC address into the network.


Jezz, business or educational network?

Anyway this is worth a look.

You'll need two wireless dongles anyway (due to limitations of devices) one to connect to the WLAN and another to repeat. From there its some pretty basic Linux networking setup (look at connecting to wireless, setting up an access point and lastly bridging/routing between interfaces)

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Thats great! Thanks. Now I just need to work on powering it without a wall socket, I was thinking about a USB power back but I am not 100% wether I could run it all day (6 hours)

If it is possible (for the location of the device) see if you can attach a solar panel for charging the cell and running the Pi during the day.