WiFi hacking application for windows

Hey guys i was looking for a windows app that can hack wifi networks like aircrackng and similar applications. I need it to show my clients how insecure the wifi on isp's modems are. I also need it to show how easy it is. 

Thanks for any help


Penetration testing....

Plus Aircrack-ng has Windows Binaries already http://www.aircrack-ng.org/

Or you could just use Kali in a Live Distro

EDIT: Bearing in mind that to do this effectively you need full control over the wireless device (and specific devices) which in my experience is done much easier within a *nix based OS.

would a VM work? if so which VM application would you recommend


Type 2 Hypervisors and some type 1's have issues, as stated for the best compatibility the OS needs direct access to the hardware. So adding another OS and virtulization layer in the middle is not going to aid the situation.

You could give it a try with Virtual box but I doubt it will work too well (if at all).

Just load Kali onto a spare 4GB USB drive and load it when needed. Probably the easiest and quickest solution.

Kali linux has trouble with visualization if you don't have an x86-64 CPU.

Would recommend old bt4; still you'll need a good wi-fi card best if its from atheros. From windows point of view its quite hard to accomplish since you need hacked drivers that can be put into listening mode. (backtrack 4 and 5 were quite good with vms)