Wich Power Supply do i need?

Hi i'm planning on building a gaming pc and im not sure wich psu i need.

here are the specs

Case - Corsair Vengeance c70

Motherboard - Asus Sabertooth z77 LGA 1155

SSD - 40g intel 320 series (for os)

Hard drive -  western digital WD Blue 7200rpm 500g

CPU - intel core i5 3570k

Ram - Corsair 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 1600


i do plan on overclocking the cpu and adding a video card some point in the future


if you plan to add a video card down the line, i would go for a 600W supply, like the corsair CX600 (for one GPU atleast)

>Wich Power Supply do i need?

one that converts AC to DC. preferably an ATX standard size.


>sure what i need or a psu

yes, you need a psu.


all joking aside:

you could get away with a 400w. if the video card is going to be high end, go with a 500 watt. but i always spend a bit extra on the psu, so if it was me i would go for a modular psu between 550-700 watts.

Okay guys, so im a noob here, what exactly IS a "modular" power supply and how does it differ from any other PSU??

and is it really worth it to go for something which is 80 plus certified?


yes and yes,

modular means you can plug the cables in yourself instead of having the cables hardwired to the psu which are non detachable.

adavantages of modular is mainly tidyness and easier cable manegement.

an 80 plus psu, means the the psu is energy efficient too a minmum of 80% plus depending on it's award ranking.

also means it's more likely to last longer, and will handle being under full load better than non 80+ psu.

not to mention it's a lot less likely to blow a component in your rig, as they are more voltage stable (the awarding body measures this in milivolts)


Yes and make sure you pick out a reliaable brand like XFX or Corsair. The PSU is definetly not something you want to be cheap on.

I was going with a Cooler Master GX 550. In your opinion, is that okay??