Wich graphics card?

I'm going to build a PC and i am choosing my parts 

I will have 8gb ram, intel i5 3570k...

i want a good graphics card for about 250$ i was looking for them but there is a lot similar i was thinking ro get a MSI gtx 770 but i'd like to hear others opinion.I dont know to have a radeon or a nvdia but i think nvidia is better

My questions:

1. Radeon or Nvidia

2.Wich one for about 250$ is the best?

Generally, Nvidia have better Temps, and feature such as 3D and PhysX (Batman Games.etc).

AMD have better Multimonitor Support (it's a small issue for Nvidia), but with generally higher temps. However, usually price to performance ratio is higher than Nvidia.

For USD$ 250, I'll get a GTX 760. (Amazon price says GTX 770 are around USD$360)

However, the AMD has a similar perfomance card R9 280X.




  • good for multimonitor setup
  • great price usually


  • Heat problem




  • PhsyX
  • 3D
  • Cooler GPU (Means more room for Overclocking)


  • Expensive



For $250 Id look around to see if you can find any R9 280x or 7950. if you cant find ether then id go for a 760.

Tnx but I am only giong to play games like battlefield,call of duty and stuff like taht wich one should i buy, i am not going to overclock

Actually in short Both R9 280X and GTX 770 could run BF4 on 60 fps at 1080p Ultra with no AA, but with AA it's a different story.The GTX 760 score around 50 fps  with the same settings.

At 1080p Ultra with 4xAA, GTX 770 get about 50 fps and R9 280X about 47 fps.

So in BF4 GTX 770 wins.


In COD ghost, we have R9 280X and GTX 760 both scoring 48 fps and GTX 770 scoring 52 fps at 1600X1200 Ultra with 2x MSAA.

At 1920X1200p Ultra with 2xMSAA, Both GTX 770 and R9 280X get about 45 fps.

So it's a win for GTX 770 in COD:Ghost.



If budget is a problem than get a GTX 760.

If you have little room for more performance and in a budget get R9 280X.

If you really want the best get the GTX 770.



See For yourself:


*The R9 280X was said to be a re branded 7970.*


Yeah, that kinda it. But if you wanna play the previous COD, all three cards do a great job at bringing your fps over 90 or more.


The GTX 760 is your best card for $250 right now.  The prices of the 280x have skyrocketed recently, so unfortunately they're out of the question.  Really the only cards available at the $250 price point are the GTX 760's, so I guess you're kind of out of options :/

HD 7970/R9 280X.

Mantle is still a mystery, but there's always the possibility.

The GTX 760 is one of the only cards that are actually in the $250 price range now, since the HD 7950 is discontinued.