Wich graphics card?

I'm going to build a PC and i am choosing my parts 

I will have 8gb ram, intel i5 3570k...

i want a good graphics card for about 250$ i was looking for them but there is a lot similar i was thinking ro get a MSI gtx 770 but i'd like to hear others opinion.I dont know to have a radeon or a nvdia but i think nvidia is better

My questions:

1. Radeon or Nvidia

2.Wich one for about 250$ is the best?

ill be honest im an nvidia fan boy lol gtx 770 all the way (i have a 780 and love it)

if you can get a 770 for $250 I would do that other wise the 280x is good aswell around $300.  770 and 280x are very similar in performace

http://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=AT-79503GB&c=CJ 7950 is $280 -$20 rebate = $260.

If this card is still in stock get it or save up for this, but it is on back order and is $310.


Or you can get a GTX 760 for around $250.




Finally if you want to shell out the big bucks get this: