Wich CPU should I buy?!


That is my build, i hvae everything on there. Now im just wondering wich CPU i should by. Is an Intel Core i3 good enogh for it, or do i need to go up to i5. Im mainly going to be gaming.

Budget? and by the way, in this price range you're probably best off with AMD. I am not biased.

Well i already have a intell board so to late for that


I'm with william on this amd is your best bet with a budget this low. I laughed william, i am not biased (has amd picture)

But you sure are right.

Which parts do you allready have? Is it just the motherboard? and what is your budget?

The picture is only there to warn people of my slight bias.

considering your gpu, an i3 will be more than enough, almost overkill


Those are the remditions I would make to your current build with the same budget as in the one you posted

I've kept the same motheboard as I assume you allready own the one listed. Reduced the wattage of the psu; you don't need 850w. even the 600w in my build is too much but it was on offer. The ram is now 1866mhz still with a cas latency of 9; and finaly the GPU is now a 7870 ghz edition, which is miles better

if you read his post that is just the things he already owns, and is just buying a cpu

though i might reccomend, for the price of an i5, you might be able to get a i3 and a 7770

Just get an i3 then and i'm sure you won't encounter a bottleneck. To be honest your build is absolutely horrible though

thanks XD the GPU is just something my friend gave me for now. ill be getting some thing much better later.

Also i already had the PSU, so im just using it. i know 850w is way to much but what ever :P