Why You're Using the Wrong Media Player and Setting up MPC-HC

Well seeing as you're all denizens of the internet, I'll assume you've "had" to view plenty of videos, films, and Chinese cartoons. These videos often come in different file types that are unhandeled by Windows Media Player and as such you have probably used software such as VLC, Realplayer, or Quicktime. The issue with many of these is that they're prone to screen tearing, poor color correction, and font rendering issues.

Take this image for example, If you can't see that, then I will personally mail you my testicles in a brown paper bag. In any event, now to the core of the issue. What to use then?

What would be suggested is a program called MPC-HC it is simple to use, and looks great. MPC-HC is an open source project that has been in development for a while, It works with any codecs you download and setup for it such as madVR or CCCP. http://mpc-hc.org/

Now, with MPC-HC you'll need codecs so it is able to play the various file types that your Chinese cartoons come in. For this, The best, and the easiest to install come together in harmony with the simple, Combined Community Codec Pack. http://www.cccp-project.net/


im sorry but i like having the option of OpenGL output, streaming over a network and more file decoding support

none of which MPC-HC offers

I'm more than satisfied with my VLC and WMP.  If one can't play something  *ahemwindowsmediaplayer* then the other will.  I've not yet had a problem with VLC unless it was a product of my own fault, and even then the errors are easy to fix.

If there ever comes a time where VLC can't play something, I might consider MPC-HC.  However, such a time has yet to come.

also the cccp codec pack works with vlc

I have been using CCCP and madVR with MPC for about 2 months now for mah Chinese cartoons. It works very well since VLC has a fit if I play 10-bit video and it usually has a green tint on skin colors and it does not blend colors when transitioning from grey to black. MPC used to have the last two problems until I used madVR instead of the default software rendering method.

Going off track a bit, I use MXplayer on my tablet with my FTP server on my desktop and browse for the files in ES File Explorer to watch just about any video that is not 10-bit. It has support for stylized subs and hardware rendering. If you do play a 10-bit file, it gets blocky from some movements. The software rendering fixes the movement issue, but it is slower and can hang sometimes.

Oh, I do agree, Other players have much better support and I don't use MPC-HC on my HTPC to pull videos from my FTP for this very reason. Just for general computer viewing and such though, I enjoy the better rendering and richer colours provided.

I started using that program a week ago. Works great for me.

I used to use MPC-HC. I much prefer VLC now though.

i use klight mega also i use potplayer

I have used both for like forever now.. I don't see why I would uninstall any of the two, VLC handles partial downloads much better than MPC and I use MPC for anything else, but when MPC fails to play something chances are VLC will play it

Feels good to be MPC master race.