Why you should play ArmA 3




Nice vid, I've been thinking of buying ARMA 3 since it was released but have held off as I still haven't played through all the ARMA 2 and Take On Helicopters campaigns and add ons. That vid is tempting me but I'll probably wait until its on sale again.

Thanks for sharing :-)

And Arma 3: life 


Why you should not play Arma 3: Having an AMD processor.


All games just run fine, but not this one. I tried all tweaks, with results, but not quite enough for my FX 6300 :/. If I change my processor someday to an FX 8350, perhaps. Even with low FPS it was awsome, indeed. But to horrible to bear.


Edit: It's just not optimised good for the AMD processors.

LinuxMaster posted a mini-tutorial on how to optimise your ARMA config in another thread, I'm sure if you PM him he'll help you out.

The FX 6300 is kinda a shit processor for the Game. But he can get about a 15-20 FPS boost by tweaking right and not trying to run on Ultra.

What I had done so far:

Install the game on an SSD (that gave the game a massive boost in stable FPS, not higher, but stable)

Do some tweaks in Arma3.cfg I found while googleing. They helped a lot.

And also with graphics settings really down, and drawing distance etc.


And I made it with 29-40 FPS'ish. But when I go to certain places (there are many of these places) the framerate crashes down to like 19, or worse. And if I get close to the action, with people here and there, and so forth. It goes down to. Something 19'ish. My GPU is at 70-90 percent load with the settings (not before, XD) but CPU just is not getting used. Yeah, the FX 8350 will be super cheap someday. Any other recommendations? The game got deleted by the way, I can't remember the tweaks, so I will have to do them all again XD.

Here is the copy/paste from a different thread in the BuildAPC section on an ArmA 3 rig:

Oh, Arma 3 and Dayz suck on AMD blah blah blah........ Those games can be tweaked for performance. Hell, even on my 4770k I have to tweak them. Those graphs and tests are doe with stock settings. No TBBMALLOC changes, no exthreads, no maxmem, no cpucount. guess what, if you add these parameters to your startup, you will see an average of about 15-20 fps improvement on AMD and intel. Running an AMD 1100T.

Seriously, before dropping your trousers and bending over for Intel, try these tweaks first!

Add: -high -exthreads 7 -maxMem=<your RAM divided by 2> -cpuCount=<How many CPu cores you have> (don't add the brackets) to your startup parameters.

Then, change the memory Allocator since the default ones suck!!

use tbbmalloc_arma and add -malloc=ttbmalloc to the startup parameters too.

Get this one:https://github.com/fred41/tbbmalloc arma(the binary_nolog one)put it into steamapps/common/arma 3/dll

Use ProcessLasso or Radeonpro with AMD to set ArmA 3 to always run on high priority and help steady performance

  • Sampling: Use 100% unless you have a very specific reason. *
    • Texture Quality (HDD/GPU): High to Ultra, High stops a lot of the building pop-in Ultra basically eliminates it.**
    • Objects Quality (CPU/GPU): High to Ultra,, on a higher setting will reduce object pop-in but comes at the cost of frames.**
    • Terrain Quality (CPU/GPU): Standard to High, higher means more frame lag for not much gain visually or otherwise.**
    • Shadow Quality (GPU): DISABLED or High+, lower settings seem to be worse, Ultra seems to give best performance.
    • Particles Quality (GPU): Standard or High, Ultra seems to have no effect on frames.
    • Cloud Quality (GPU): Low, this setting is superfluous unless you are really into flying.
    • PIP (GPU): Low or DISABLED, while better than it was previously keep in mind that it still consumes a lot of frames while driving for a cosmetic effect.
    • HDR (GPU): Low has better performance.
    • Dynamic Lights (GPU): Low or High, Ultra seems to have no effect on frames.
    • Overall (CPU/HDD/GPU): Use something like 1050 as Low, 1600 as Standard, 2150 as High, 2700 as Very High and 3800 as Ultra.**
    • Object (CPU/HDD/GPU): Use something like 858 as Low, 1105 as Standard, 1353 as High, 1601 as Very High and 2097 as Ultra.**
    • Shadow (GPU): Leave as 100 or off.
  • Bloom (GPU): Purely cosmetic, set to whatever you'd like recommended 100.
    • Radial Blur (GPU): motion blur on objects, recommend off or 25.
    • Rotation Blur (GPU): motion blur, recommend off or 12.5.
    • Depth of Field (GPU): is the blur effect you get when trying to look beyond your rifle or other object, recommend off or 25.
    • SSAO (GPU): attempts to approximate the way light radiates in real life, recommend off for performance gain.
    • Caustics (GPU): light rays under certain situations like on the seabed, recommend off for performance gain.
    • Antialiasing (GPU): Shouldn't lose much performance having on x4 as compared to x2 (x8 is for over 1080p), if while scoped there is an FPS drop lower the setting. ***
    • AToC (GPU): Set to DISABLED or Trees only, Grass may make your scope lag.
    • PPAA (GPU): DISABLED or SMAA High to Ultra, Ultra will likely not impact performance.***
    • Anisotropic Filtering (GPU): High to Ultra, will most likely not impact or increase performance.

*** if you disable AA and use just SMAA you should get a similar look but improved performance.

ArmA3Alpha.cfg Located in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ArmA 3 Alpha\

  • GPU_MaxFramesAhead=4; This may help smooth your frames and with mouse responsiveness, try settings 1-4.
  • GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=0; This may help smooth your frames and with mouse responsiveness.
  • refresh=120; This will make VSync work better if you need it.

These are the list of possible Startup parameters:

Startup Parameters You can also use the startup parameters to help in certain situations by right-clicking ArmA 3 in Steam > Properties > Set Launch Options and entering the following.

  • -enableHT Enables Hyper-Threading on supporting CPU's, this option may be overridden by -cpuCount so if you want to use maximum number of CPU cores use -enableHT without -cpuCount. ****
  • -malloc= This can set the particular allocator to be used. Significantly affects both performance and stability of the game. More details.
  • -maxMem= set this to 2047 as ArmA 3 uses automatic values (512-1536 MB) without the maxMem parameter.
  • -maxVram= this option will tell ArmA how much Video RAM your graphics card has, 128 is hard-coded minimum (anything lower falls backs to 128). 2047 is soft-coded maximum, any value over 2GB might result into unforeseen consequences!
  • -noBenchmark mainly for the development build this option disables any benchmarking that ArmA automatically does.
  • -noCB Turns off multicore use. It slows down rendering but may resolve visual glitches.
  • -noLogs mainly for the development build this option disables any logging that ArmA automatically does.
  • -noPause Does not pause the ArmA window when alt-tabbed in Fullscreen window mode, good for multi-taskers and streamers.
  • -noSplash gets rid of the intro stuff at startup.
  • -world=empty Starts up the game faster as it loads empty level.

so for instance my startup parameters look like


-enableHT -maxMem=2047 -maxVram=3071 -malloc=tbbmalloc -noBenchmark -noLogs -noPause -noSplash -world=empty****enableHT can help smooth the game by letting it know to spread the load properly.

I will try it once more with this processor. Not for the next days, since I get a cheap laptop for myself, that I am going to install stuff on to learn etc. But I will try again. In the next days.... or couple of weeks? Kinda busy right now. But I will post here. By the way I tried this with the priority with radeonpro, didn't really work to do it. I will try it with the other option. Thank you.


I did not find it on google, but he posted anyways here. Thanks.



Edit: I was answering to "BGL" but it got down here somehow....

I have lots of hours in Arma3. Currently running an Arma3 epoch server.
Lot of players on most of the time. If you have any Arma3 related questions add xcomm99 on steam.

PS I LOVE ARMA! And Altis life is so lame!