Why upgrade a mobo?

Not entirely sure why would someone change mobos and such. I know for stability but could someone enlighten me on the pros of changing a mobo?


Or maybe what do you look for when buying a good mobo?


Well, some older are less stable and produce lower overclocks than newer ones, while some don't support newer generations completely.

Usually to upgrade the CPU (socket type), then theres Overclocking and Technology reasons (eg: SATA 3), stability aswell but i find thats usually done through bios flashs, if its unstable because of hardware most folks buy a new board.

When buying a good motherboard the brand is a good starting point (very similar to PSU buying) personally i look for quality in a motherboard rather than features.

key points to look at, supported CPU's, Ram slots and speed along with exspansion slots and interface slots (sata etc, does it have enough for your needs).

to figure out if a board is worth looking at or not is to find a picture of the board, look for the heatsinks on the board, if their are none or they are super small dont bother with it :)