Why the Xbone Got Screwed Over by the Community



Alright you console peasants, you figuratively fucked the Xbone over. You fucking killed it. With the help of servers, the Xbone would have been Leagues more powerful than the TwatStation Four. Who the hell cares about playing console games as soon as the generation ends? You'll be more than likely to be able to play them via direct streaming in the next console. You also fucking killed most of the game development. Those pigeons were developing for a console which had nearly infinite storage in a server somewhere, albeit the cloud, or an actual server drive. 

Destiny won't be playable offline.

The new Elder Scrolls won't be either.

The community killed a console. They didn't even have the chance to experiment with it.


ummm... the PS4 has much the same hardware


Yeah, the PS4 is actually more powerful hardware wise, so I fail to see your point

Well, Microsoft just asked for it. They were a bunch of greedy fuckers who thought that providing digital distribution service with drawbacks of both digital and retail is a good idea. If they made it more appealing than what Sony did with supporting existing system, they would at least be a competitor. Instead they de-empasized games in a console, stuck a useless Kinect on it to spy on you without an option to go without it and on top of that forced this DRM bullshit onto people.

As always, Microsoft has no idea what users actually want and just lives in its own little imaginary world where people act like those in commercials.

I personally don't give a fuck about consoles but I don't agree that community killed xbone. Microsoft did it.


If you don't like other peoples opinions about the xbone don't read them. The cloud storage wouldn't be infinite either because Msoft would most likely charge you for extra.

True, but it was said that the Xbone would have increased performance due to servers.

Why would Microsoft want to see out of shape 20 year olds in their mom's basement?


You're part of the community that screwed it over. 


I never planned on buying one of the new consoles, too expensive for so little hardware.


DRM will help improve your experience by increasing performance. If you can't afford always up internet, go with the PS4.

The DRM would also hurt many business that do trades or sell the used games. That will hurt the business sector. Also with the Xbone, you will be getting spied on by microsoft. Then microsoft will sell the information to 3rd party companies for advertising.

You can turn the Kinect off, if you can do that do you really think they are going to be restricting you using facial and voice recognition?

I said this once and I will say it again... Nothing will ever beat PC

The Kinect can't be turned off, the game developer chooses whether it's on or off.

This is entertaining xD

Well shouldn't you be blaming the developer if they choose to implement it not Microsoft? 

Here's the quote "You definitely will have the software capability to turn off all the capabilities of Kinect. We want to put the gamer in control. And privacy. The box data information that collects is your data; it stays with you. You are in control of what you want to be collected. Game developers will obviously enable certain features and you'll be alerted when certain things are happening. Putting the gamer in control is really important."


That is so true watching peasants talk about how they screwed themselves and blame each other for it and us watch for shits and giggles


I love how people bring up the "Micro$soft is better because processorz on surverz!" You thing that constantly uploading and downloading dadta is going to speed up or improve the processsing power of your gameplay?

Thats the equivilant of me trying to play Crysis 3 over remote desktop. Good luck with that.

Also. No server has "Unlimited space". They would probably try to tie in your cloud storage with freaking Skydrive. Which costs money. 

The kinekt would never be turned off. It will be used not only for DRM, but for advertisement. Microsoft, or the developers, can and WILL sell your information to advertising companies. You know why they will? Because its basicaly free money for them. Mainstream developers will not turn that down. and just because you are "Alerted" about it, doesnt mean you can stop it.


The PS4 has better processing power, and better graphical ability, and is $100 cheaper. you know why? Because the Xbone requires the kinekt to work. So you HAVE to buy it with the console. You know how many totally awesome games that I (personally) have found that use exclusively kinekt? Zero. 

If the kinekt sucks for playing games, but is great for collecting information, then why do you think they put it there in the first place? If it was just for playing fun games, it wouldnt be required. It would be optional.

Saying all of this; I am not FOR the PS4. I am just against Microsoft and all of their crap tactics.


~ PC Master race. 

No, the community did not kill the Xbone, Microsoft did. They got too greedy and implemented too many new things in one go. But no matter, they are doing better now after removing the DRM, and I'm fairly sure they'll implement these things over time as more and more console games will probably have online only recquirements, and once the publishers have made themselves unpopular MS will go in and say "Hey look at this thing we can do now that will make this so much more convenient for you" and everyone will welcome it because convenience, and it'll probably be terrible and unreliable but people will defend it because it's easier than if it wasn't there.

This is way off from the part of the post people are actually discussing but, complaining that an MMO like Elder Scrolls Online wont be playable offline is the most retarded thing I have ever read on this forum.

True, but the xbox would of had a garentee of a constant internet connection meaning developers would be able to use the cloud to improve porformance and they would be able to make much larger games.

You mean I won't be able to play games like WoW, EVE, or Ragnarok offline?!?

Nope not possible those damn developers force you to connect to the internet if you want to play a game designed to let you play alongside friends from around the world. BASTARDS!