Why the hell don't Intel drop prices of old CPUs?


Instead of going through the hassle of getting a new motherboard and CPU for more CPU performance, I could just drop in a 6700K. If it weren’t still $400+.

The fuck, Intel?


From an economics standpoint.


Nothing to do with intel, just the retailers.

I am not sure if it’s entirely up to them, let me play devils advocate here for a second.

In a lot of cases, retailers will buy these CPUs when they launch and will have their stock, stock they acquired for X amount of dollars, and as new lines of CPUs come out, Intel really doesn’t produce as many old ones (if any), and the stock that there is, is the only stock and it was made to cost X dollars, so retailers paid X dollars, so now, retailers need to sell them at X prices to cover their expenses.

This, I can 100% confirm is what’s happening in most countries outside the US, like in Romania, Bulgaria or Turkey.

This is why I sometimes see 5 year old tech sold at full price.

Alternatively, you might wanna look in to getting a 2nd hand CPU, CPUs are p-much the safest thing to get when it comes to 2nd hand H/W.


Its the mobo that gets toast first before the CPU so I concur that a used CPU may be ideal for an equally old device. Have you tried you local equivalent of craigslist (assuming you are non-US)?

Cuz it’s same chip +++++


intel gotta get that bread

By binding the consumer to the platform they acquired initially, pushing you towards the flagship stuff instead of the easy upgradable path.

It’s to maintain their global value. This way, everything they have in stock is a hell of a lot more worth if price fell relative to performance. Benefits Intel and retailers, Intel sets the market standards, so why change.

From my (a consumer’s) point of view, they can either sell it to me for less than $X and maybe not completely cover their expenses, or they can keep charging $X and not cover any of their costs at all… Why would I pay $X for something old when I can pay $X for a newer/faster/more secure version? Yeah, taking a bit of a hit sucks for them, but there are consequences to being wrong about how much product you want to stock.

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No one is obligated to drop prices because you cant afford the thing you want.


People are still buying them, for a percived “discount” even though old stock of old chips may cost the same as new tech, older models are perceived to be cheaper?

If people didn’t pay the prices, they would drop them.

It’s like asking why they barely improved IPC.
They didn’t need to.
Before they had competion again, they could just wallow.

Now they can afford “Discounts” on new tech, still make a proffit, and out spend AMD 'till team red dies back down. Long game?

Also their pivot to the storage side, because they won’t improve in the CPU side, so looking to start in on another market?

Because OEMs and integrators who have embedded systems or other stuff built around that generation still want them for compatibility and spares (e.g., DELL/HP/etc. need to be able to get one from intel when somebody’s warrantied box fries).

Given they are likely no longer produced, and the production cost was sunk when they were made, and they are now becoming more rare for sale, be surprised the price hasn’t gone UP :smiley:

That said, with hyper threading being considered harmful security wise, and skylake/kaby lake being particularly susceptible to meltdown, etc. you’re better off shifting platform anyway. If you turn hyperthreading off, an i7-6700 is essentially an i5 so there’s that…

It’s not a matter of being able to afford things or not.
I can easily afford to replace my 5930K with a 5960X, but why would I do that when that CPU alone costs more than a 9900K with a good motherboard?
That’s how ridiculous Intel’s prices are. An 8-core that’s 4 generations old costs almost twice as much as the more powerful current gen equivalent.

Because intel.

That’s the reality.


They planned their obsolesence so as to maintain profit for them and their retailers.

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“Alexa, do they talk about this at intel?”
Alexa then played this mp3:
“Bob raise the prices then Jim send the kill command to 5 percent of our customers, then another 5 percent next week”
“Boss why do we do this?”
“5 reasons junior…B…O…N…U…S”

The GTX 1060 I bought a few years back was nice at around 200 bucks
Started looking at one for mine…still about 200 bucks…

Greedy corporates say what

Lets be real though, intel doesn’t know how to make money anymore. If I could I’d have a brand new build with a 5775c but I don’t feel like paying out the ass for an old chip. Intel can’t get their shit together fast enough for users to care.

I think this ten-nine hundred bullshit proves that out

I want my stolen 5820k back. RiP wont go out and buy it when I can build a 2700x system for cheaper.


Intle’s never been much for upgrade in place. And even then, top of the line upgrades for a platform are the last part of a system that tanks in value. Especially as a lot of people are handing down skylake systems to go to ryzen 3000 or the i7-9900K. I remember the AMD Phenom II x 6 being an expensive part for quite a while.

Also intel has a pretty big supply chrunch on thier 14 nm process, so while they want to keep spares for warranties, they have no reason to heavily discount the chip and create even more supply pressure on theselves, especially if there isn’t much of a market to sell slightly defective chips as a lower tier SKU.

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