Why Such Bad Titanfall Performance? [GTX670]

Hey guys I have no idea but this is really a mystery, in Bf4 I get 60+ frames maxed out at 1080p, same thing for Skyrim except for inside towns, as well as FarCry3 on high, and Bioshock Infinite maxed out at 60fps, but on Titanfall the avg FPS I get is 40 maxed out and to keep a stable 60 I have to turn things to medium and low, this is not what I expected for a 300$ GPU its pretty upsetting, yes I have the latest drivers, is there something im doing wrong or anything you would recommend? Also I have Windows 8 not 8.1 idk that is relevant

Please Help


if your using a 2g version. your fps will be lower because of the system requirements to run ultra or high. titanfall mainly depends on how much v-ram your card has now. 2g won't cut it unless you plan on getting something along the lines of 3g or more

What? Titanfall's system requirements are less than the Windows requirements. Titanfall doesn't use anywhere near 2gb's of v-ram... 

I don't really know... Benchmarks for your card put the average fps at around 70. That's on Gtx 760's which are re-bagged Gtx 670's so the performance is maybe 1-2fps higher in most games so... 

What should I do and I don't think Titanfall needs 3 GBS

Could be the cpu bottlenecking.

AMD FX 6200, but I dont have this problem with other games such as BF4

Does Titanfall handle multithreading well? BF4 will use all your 6 cores without a problem, but titanfall may not. The other games you listed are mostly GPU bound. Maybe look that up.

could be that Titanfall was optimized for console and all next gen consoles use AMD chips so Titanfall might not be optimized for nvidia GPUs? just a thought.