Why so many password change request?

It seems like everyday now I get a email from some website / company requesting me to change my password?

Are all these sites being hacked ? One big one I can think of is planet minecraft were it is down practically every night. Whats going on?

it just sounds like your getting a lot of spam to be honest. These guys try to get you passwords by looking ligit (which obviously they aren't), they will have a link that looks ok but it actually sends you to their data fisshing site which nabs all your stuff. Have you given your email address to anyone you shouldnt?

Best thing to do with these is to just delet them.

It is possible that one games site for example may have been hacked or a spam bot got your email address. Most likely is that these are phishing attempts but however if it looks legitimate to you then just change all your passwords to be sure (if not done already). Also contact their support about it if you are unsure there may be something else going on.

I agree with the others' answers; I got a lot of these types of emails, too, wand they came at 10:00 AM for me every single day.  So, I opened up wireshark just before then, and traced the emails back to a spambot.  Blocked all the emails and eventually they stopped coming.  Try looking at what time you get them on what day, and if you start to see a pattern of what time the emails come on different days, let us know.  Hope this helps!

I just found out this happened on the ubisoft website. Apparently it was stolen information that got them access. Not sure exactly what they mean they haven't said.