Why so many friend the admin

For all you server admins of chat services with a friends feature. Have you noticed so many users try and friend you? Do you try and stop it? Do you just ignore all the invites?

No brainier.


Just like on Facebook and every other social media

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I’ve never hosted one those, what kind of software you hosting, or are you talking about Discord?

Very much what I’d do, or actually just reject it. If they never once tried to talk to me before adding me as a friend, I am likely to ignore/reject it.

Depends on the context, what technically does “friend” here actually accomplish?

There are places I “friend” people, not because I ever actually intend to interact with them, but because they routinely make excellent posts I want to read and learn from. In this case, calling it a favorite posters list would be better.

Or they may have grown disenchanted of exchanging passionate letters with their provided haram of exotic chestnut colored servant boys, and know that friending the administrator is the fast track to getting a real man to tell them how to restart their computer.

Alternatively, it may be that alongside whales, sharks and manta rays; administrators also collect remoras.

But having friends is cool :slight_smile:

Nah, I made an example of a couple people and they know better than to be friendly to me now.

All seriousness, yes. Sometimes people try to suck up for better treatment, but jokes on them, I try my hardest to treat everyone the same, so if I treat them worse for being my friend, they’re responsible for the misery of everyone else on the server.