Why shouldn't I get this 7970?

Tell me ladies and gentlemen, why should I not get this 7970? I am having just the worst time deciding here. Wonder if this one will come back in stock.



well.. if you have to ask.. I would question your judgement, I mean look at thos stellar reviews!


Quality control; their 7970s and 7970 Matrixes, the QC is terrible. Hit and miss, really. Their 680s are stellar, but aren't as powerful as 7970s.

From what I can see most of the 7970s get pretty bad reviews. This one particular had many people upset about locked voltages while others said the voltages weren't locked.

Is ASUS costumer support really as bad as most people say? I'm considering just getting the XFX version even though I've been warned not to because the cooling is crap. Could just through an arctic cooling extreme plus on there like I did with my xfx 6950.

However, problems with the xfx version: Apperently they just outsourced their costumer support. Plus no backplate (can I get an aftermarket?) and none reference PCB.

lol and don't anyone try to sell me one of those gigabyte or shappire cards. Who on EARTH wants a light blue PCB -_- another plus about the xfx card, mat black PCB

XFX has terrible cooling, but stellar warranties. If you are going to replace the cooler with an Arctic Accelero, then go ahead and get XFX for much less than an Asus. I would personally just get a Sapphire 7970; for the price of the Asus 7970, you can get the 6GB Sapphire 7970gHz.

+1 for the Shaphire 7970 ☺

shaphire is one of the best wenn it comes to cooling solutions. if im right..

Lol. The 7970's have awesome reveiws. I'm not sure where u heard they didn't. must have ben a paid of website. I have the xfx 7970 double D black edition and it stays at 30C idle and max f 67C when gaming hard. And thats with an OC so thats pretty good.

Well wtf is going on there >_< i have had plenty of asus cards before and never had problems with them (maybe its just that model is borked thay have i think 3 differnt 7970s )

And yes for me  the asus support is piss poor in the uk i spent 5 days of emails explaining fults with a mobo and explaning i wasent able to send it back to the online retailer for them to just pass me around there site and phone numbers i had allready called in a nice pointless waste of my time. :@ 

It seams there support is better in the US and outher parts of europe


Overpriced for what is is, go Grab a Sapphire or HIS 7970 and be laughing at getting pretty much everything the ASUS has with a lot less money spent.

Thanks for the reassurance on the xfx model. That's the only company I've bought from so far and I was hoping they were still worth buying from. As for hearing the cooling on the xfx 7970 was terrible, that was actually on these forums, can't remember who though.

Since the xfx model seems to be most well rounded (and in stock lol) I'll probably go with that one. UNLESS, ASUS releases an update to the Direct CUII version of the 7970 that is compelling, or other brands.

Almost want to try out that MSI twin frozer III. reverse fan spinning for dust removal is pretty damn smart.

I think we can all agree however, that there needs to be more of a selection in the 7970 range. That and they need to actually be in stock on newegg!

The xfx also has dust free fans and stuff like that. Also has better parts for OCing and such. 

Guys, a few things:

Most of the times the people on the newegg's reviews screwed up things on their own, don't jugde a product just for what the newegg users say.

The Asus 7970 Direct CUII is a beastly card, go get it! You can check Logan's videos when he recommends it over and over again.

If you want to change your choice, get a Sapphire one, or the Double Dissipation Black edition from XFX, they are not bad at all, they even come with HydroCell (Vapor-X by XFX) and look amazing.

Well my 2 cents I went 7950 because of budget limmits was torn between asus and xfx.The asus was not in stock and did not come with the never settle bundle. The xfx 7950 was on for 300$ before a 30$ mir, came with Crysis3 and Bioshock Infinity both on my get list so i grabbed it. Works very well a little warm so i popped in a 140mm noctua in the side blowing on it and its better but could of had a DD xfx for 30$ more and not bought the side fan. The Asus was 350$ is now in stock and includes the never settle bundle. Today i would buy the ASUS 

Game over guys! can't get the XFX version because OF COARSE, they decided to not add a BIOS switch. Damn you XFX, seriously cut the shit out.

Reading some of those reviews for that Asus card makes me want to slap some of those people! One of the main complaints I see from those dipshits with one-star reviews is that the voltages are locked and that you can't overclock it and blah blah blah. So what?! The reviews are supposed to be for what comes right outta the box, not for what you can do through hacking and tweaking it! That's like complaining and writing bad reviews about your old ass Nissan Altima not being able to put out 1000hp after you threw in some spare parts you had lying around. The card still worked and performed as it supposed to!

However, the other major complaint I see there is that the card didn't actually work as it was supposed to, it was a faulty card. I usually dismiss these type of reviews because it's electronics, and shit happens from time to time. Video cards consist of many different components, and things might go wrong. The problem is, there might an actual quality control issue with a product when there are a lot of people complaining, such as with this card. So the only real reason you shouldn't get this card is because there might be a higher chance to get a faulty card compared to other manufacturers of 7970's. At least judging by the reviews.

By the way, I love how the first of those reviews start out: "Cons: I am certifed in (MCITP, MCSA, CCNA, A+, Server+, Network +, Security+) So I have built a lot of equipment and managed network enterprise level companies. So I have the tech experience to install a video card. I have used ASUS products..." Whenever you start your statement with an appeal to authority you can either come off as someone who does actually know what you're talking about or as a pompous douchebag. This is the latter case, as the "I have the experience to install a video card" pretty much renders your expertise irrelevant. What experience?! You take out the old card, pop in the new one, delete old drivers, install new drivers. That's it! That's basically the whole process of installing a video card! There aren't much expertise or certifications needed for that basic task.

Rant over! I need to lay off the coffee...

Well I personaly don't like the blue PCB. But i think the apex cooling unit and leathal boss button on sapphires HD 7970 Ghz helps me to over look the PCB. But then again thats only my opinion.

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