Why should I run windows

I don't hate it as an OS, I hate the company and their practices. I thought maybe I would get into streaming again for big games but I can't see myself playing anything bigger than CS:Source in the coming months as I want to play comp in that again and I don't really have any other games I have an interest in. I've been jumping around on jobs lately and lost my love for league as the format has completely flipped.

So now I ask: Why the hell should I keep it. "Teh Gaymzz!~!!" I'm kinda losing my ability to care. Past that I can't see a reason to keep windows around.


I keep my windows partition around just for software compatibility sometimes I need to use word for document compatibility and to make sure everything is formate correctly. Or I need something like adobe connect so I can remote into a class. Or in one instance I had an online interview where I not only needed to be using windows but I also needed to use internet explore so I could use the software correctly. That is pretty much my reason for keeping a windows partition.

Well I have laptops I can just run windows on for whatever XYZ bullshit. If I ever want to play league I know it runs in wine.... Also if anyone is wondering I kinda gave up on the BSD idea. If I run it on anything it'll be my ibook because the damn thing is useless otherwise.

Ah I see from the way you phrased it I though you meant getting rid of Windows entirely and not using the OS at all. My bad.

Kind of in the same mindset.

Every time I use Windows, it really does feel inferior. Privacy issues aside, it just isn't fun to use.

Sometimes I'll reinstall Windows if a big game I want to play is coming out that is Windows exclusive, but other than that, I almost never have Windows on my PC anymore.

I'm mainly playing CS:GO which is supported of course, and a few others on Linux just fine.

Gaming just isn't that big for me anymore. I've played 2700 hours in skyrim and not even done 1/6 of the game. Fallout isn't all that cool anymore. I care about Deus Ex, some 2D games, and thats about it. So gaming isn't a reason for me to use it.

I want to work on linux dev stuff as a job some day. I want to code, make things, do stupid experiments with old hardware. I just don't care about windows. I care about XP and back and thats it. I think I'll figure out an OS tonight, back up, and just flatten everything.

If someone has a note for me to keep it on my main machine, lemme know. I can run it on a laptop if I need it, like I said. But I guess its just a whatever thing anymore.

Fuck it if I need it I have a gaming laptop.

windows has better multi-language support when you take software like locale emulator into account. also MPC-HC doesn't work very well in wine last I cheeked.

Why not use MPV instead of MPC-HC?

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If you like Linux and can do everything you want to do on it, then use it. If you like Windows and can do everything you want to do on it, then use it. Just know the pros and cons, and run with whichever you like and prefer. No reason to cling to both if you are perfectly fine with one and don't need the other. Run what you want to run. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah thats what I decided. I have a gaming laptop with 3 hard drives if I really need windows.

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Screw M$ and screw the current ways the US gov works


Just use whatever works for you and who cares.

Why do I feel like the only point of this thread is so you can argue Linux V Windows, justify your own already held beliefs that wont change, and or show off that you use Linux? Because that is what it seems.

Use whatever the fuck you want. It really doesn't matter so long as you get work done and it does what you need to do. The OS you do it on really doesn't matter and there is no need to shout it from the rooftops.

I hate microsoft as a company, however I do not hate windews 8, 7 XP, 2000, or 98 SE. Same as I hate Apple as a company but OSX is pretty good and as a workflow between OSX and IOS you can work on something constantly. I think thats pretty great.

No, I keep thinking about things with other people when I don't really want to do those things anymore. I don't keep up on windows stuff so if anyone here know of anything that was coming up like the unfucked update for 10 or something this would be the place to ask.

SMPlayer as a front-end for subtitles etc + MPV.io as the video player is THE BEST alternative to mpc for Linux. Highly recommend it. If you use the dev builds on MPV you can watch h.265 media too